I Am Second…Then Who’s First?

A few years ago I stumbled across the series of videos entitled, “I Am Second.” If you’ve not seen them, I recommend watching one or two before watching the one I have posted below. I believe that I first watched Stephen Baldwin’s video after watching a movie adapted from a Jerry B. Jenkins novel entitled, Midnight Clear. I heard that Baldwin had trusted Christ and later came across the short video testimony on the I Am Second site.

I came away from the video thinking several things. First, He’s obviously read his Bible on some level because he makes more than one reference to scripture (“…my life is God’s life in me…” one, at least for me, obvious reference to Gal. 2:20).

Secondly, I also remember thinking that he didn’t shy away from using the name of Jesus, and thirdly that we probably wouldn’t be on the same page doctrinally in a lot of areas, but it seems as though he has truly been transformed by the power of God’s grace.

In short, it made sense. I believed the tagline that Stephen Baldwin wants to live his life showing others Jesus. I believed and still believe that Stephen Baldwin desires to put Christ first.

BUT…it kind of went down hill from there. Until, I watched Anne Rice’s video last week and realized that those that produce the videos and manage the site had hit rock bottom. When I watched her testimony, I wanted to cry.

Known for writing mostly about vampires, she communicates her affinity for the Catholic church and its culture. Around the two minute mark of the video she speaks of the feeling of safety she had in God’s world, followed by this very curious statement:

“Safety in huge cosmos really, that involved God and His angels and His blessed mother and the saints and all of those people who joined us when we went to mass…”

Really? Not Jesus’ mother but God and His angels and His blessed mother…


Now, I’m not going to burden you with a diatribe on faith and Catholicism and doctrine. Instead I’m just going to say this. Stephen Baldwin’s “second” and who is first in his life and Anne Rice’s “second” and who is first in her life are diametrically opposed.

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