Hot Dog, Brasileiro!

Ever attended a Brazilian birthday party? Of course you haven’t

Want to know a little bit about them? Of course you do!

The Brazilian culture is fascinating to me. I’m not quite sure why, other than the average Brazilian that I’ve met is one big smile and belly laugh. They are by most standards warm, loving and very open. The Portuguese culture is in most cases, the opposite. Although there are many Portuguese with some of these same traits. You can’t put everyone in one culture in the same box. I don’t like it when people view me, the American, in the same light as the goofy-ness they see in American movies, or on the news. I know there are people of all kinds in all parts of the world.

But, Brazilian food is my favorite! Has been since Michael and I would save for months to be able to eat at a Brazilian steakhouse for our anniversary 10 years ago! Although very expensive if eaten in the States, Brazilian food here is much more affordable. Especially if I’m dining at a friends house for lunch! Can’t beat that, can you?! I’ve never been disappointed with anything made by Brazilian hands.

What about a Brazilian Hot Dog?

Brazilian Hot Dog

These are a staple at birthday parties. Rolls with a soupy vienna sausage mixture. Covered with ketchup, mayo and potato sticks. Sounds nasty till you eat one!

Brazil, is labeled one of the 5 most dangerous counties in the world. As per this site. Rated even higher than Columbia, Russia and Somalia. This still doesn’t stop my sincere desire to visit this beautiful country. The language is officially the same as it is here, but there really isn’t a similarity. Most Brazilians here had a harder time understanding Portuguese upon arrival than I did! And I had a tough time, trust me.

At birthday parties, there’s always time for guests present to have a picture taken with the birthday quest of honor behind the cake table. This can be quite time consuming since as many as 15 shots will be taken of the same group of people.

Black beans and rice are foods I could eat almost daily. No one would want to live with me if I ate beans every day, but if I were single, without kiddos…..yep, I’d do it!

My 20th wedding anniversary is just a few years away….I’m thinking Rio! 😉

  • FringeGirl

    My aunt is Brazilian, so I’ve eaten some of the food. My aunt and uncle have gone to Brazil several times and brought back videos. It’s a beautiful country from the very little I’ve seen on video.

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