Perelhal, Portugal – Where we live

This post is for FringeGirl, who recently wrote about where she lives. I’m not trying to copy her or out-do her. She encouraged me to write this. Her father is Portuguese, and I would love to meet him one day.   Widows walk the cobblestone roads in all black where … There's More →

Holiday Food Trivia Prizes

Thanks to those few but precious people who participated in our Holiday Food Trivia game that began on Christmas Eve. If you haven’t yet seen the rules of the game, hop on over to check it out. Time is slipping away up (winner revealed below), but as promised I now have … There's More →

In case you haven’t heard (Nov. 27th)

More financial crisis, Portugal good place to start a business, depression during the holidays and more during this edition of “In case you haven’t heard”. Read what you want, ignore the rest and comment if you have any thoughts. The Sound of Crisis – Portugal and Poland are too poor … There's More →

What are the Chances….

…I can not show up for Thanksgiving dinner this Friday…even though it’s at my house?Maybe I can just bring the Dixie plates and cups…if I could actually buy them here. How many grocery stores do I have to go to….before I find some sweet potatoes?How do you spell potatos..potateos…potatoes..anyway?Could the … There's More →

Where Do I Start?!

Wow…I can’t believe it’s been so long since I last posted. Life has been so busy lately. There has been celebration, after celebration lately….a lot of cooking and fellowshiping and church services to attend. But I praise the Lord for “work”….that means He is blessing! Here are a few pictures … There's More →

An Open Invitation

Ever dreamed of spending Christmas in Europe? Well, now’s your chance. COME VISIT ME!!! Well, the vineyards and cornfields of northern Portugal might not be Paris, France….but it’s Europe none the less. Complete with man purses, wonderful coffee….and…the Andrzejewski family!! Not only will we leave the light on for you, … There's More →

Another Holiday?!

Tomorrow is a holiday in Portugal. The kids are out of school. It’s Immaculate Conception Day. Yep, a holiday to celebrate the virgins miraculous conception. I don’t have a problem with it really…a holiday is a holiday and I’m for any day that I can sleep in. But my thought … There's More →

It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like….

Christmas!! Decorating for Christmas accidentally happened early for us…….like the week before Thanksgiving early. That’s just not right….I know. But…we had a great time, even Daddy participated this year which was a rare treat! Usually, after he hears the first Christmas song played on my Bing Crosby CD…that ruins him … There's More →

It Just Doesn’t Feel Like….

Thanksgiving to me….. but I’m not going to let that keep me from wishing you a very Happy Thanksgiving!It’s business as usual around here. Sort of a sad day. But I want you to enjoy every bit of your turkey, family, friends. Happy Thanksgiving from Portugal,Nina And now…….from my favorite … There's More →

Resurrection Sunday

Remembering what Christ did for us on that first Resurrection morning. Make sure you thank the Lord for His goodness today. With Love and Prayers, The Andrzejewski Family Your Servants in Portugal

Fathers Day

Thursday was Fathers Day in Portugal. Brooklyn and a neighbor friend worked for several days ‘perfecting’ this song. They first played for Ines’s daddy and then came to our house to play for Michael.

Valentine’s Day Dinner

We had about 15 people for supper last night. Some that came were spouses of those that attend the church. We were thankful for an opportunity to get to know those folks a little better. I stumbled through the night with my awful Portuguese, but survived. We had Italian for … There's More →

20 Years Later….

We were 14.We were 22. We are 34. Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy New Year!

New Years Eve was spent enjoying a chili and grilled cheese supper with Ms. Dawne and the Booth’s, a missionary couple on survey of the northern part of Portugal. We entertained ourselves while waiting on midnight with wimpy fireworks (my favorite) and shaking the meanness out of Justice which seemed … There's More →

Ladies Christmas Get Together

Saturday night a few of us ladies from the mission in town went out to eat and exchange Christmas gifts. I’ve posted a few pictures. Even posted some of the food that we were served. Food is such a big part of the American culture that most everyone is curious … There's More →

Our First Thanksgiving In Portugal

How do American missionaries in Portugal celebrate Thanksgiving? Well, The Andrzejewski’s, the Loop’s, the Pollard’s and Ms. Dawne did it like this…… Just SOME of the food! The big kids table The adult table. The adults, chowing down. The big kids eating. Everyone eating. Silly girls, waiting patiently. Their patience … There's More →

Can I Do It Again?

This is a picture of my Thanksgiving dinner I served last year. Well….the one I dreamed I served. You see, if I’m completely honest with you, I’d admit that I’ve never cooked a turkey in my ENTIRE LIFE! But I’d rather not be completely honest with you. So pretend like … There's More →

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