Holiday Food Trivia Prizes

Thanks to those few but precious people who participated in our Holiday Food Trivia game that began on Christmas Eve. If you haven’t yet seen the rules of the game, hop on over to check it out. Time is slipping away up (winner revealed below), but as promised I now have the pleasure of revealing the three available Holiday Food Trivia prizes.

The lucky winner will choose from one of these three small but very Portuguese prizes shown below.

1. Only a few hundred of these are even in circulation, so they are very rare, and 1st edition to boot. Your first choice from the CBC Portugal Missions prize bag is an “I ❤ Maximinos Warriors” T-shirt! In white or black (depending on existing stock).



2. Two prizes in one! one 50ml bottle of Calvé brand Piri-Piri traditional recipe hot sauce together with one 250g pack of Delta coffee. Portugal’s favorite (according to me) and most recognized brand of coffee.


3. One ceramic, hand painted Barcelos rooster. Linens not included. Since all of the roosters are different, this may or may not be an exact representation of the rooster you will receive if you choose this gift.



As I was putting this post together, FringeGirl from The Domestic Fringe correctly identified the mystery food as a weird purple sweet potato. So, as soon as she chooses her prize and confirms her address, we’ll get it shipped out to her.

Look for another giveaway in the Spring!

  • The Domestic Fringe

    Wow! These are terrific prizes and the choice is tough. That hot sauce is calling FringeMan’s name, but I like stuff that lasts, so I have to choose the Portuguese rooster.

    I have a love for chickens. I had a few when we lived in Maine and if I ever move out of the city, I’m getting some more chickens (and a duck for my son) first thing.

    This was fun! Hope you and your family all enjoyed a happy Christmas.
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    • Michael

      Tell you what. I’ll throw in the hot sauce just for FringeMan. Tomorrow is market day in town, so I’ll run by there and pick up a rooster. Thanks again for playing!

  • Mom

    Congratulations to Fringe Girl. That one was mysterious.

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