He’s a writer….

I have to be quiet, and when I’m not, he puts in his ear buds. His back is to me, as he pounds the keyboard. I fear he may wear out the backspace button soon. I don’t know how he stands the music that loud. I can almost make out every word from across the room. He listens as he writes. Not me. His oldest daughter is just like him. Passionate in a quiet sort of way. She says she has to give her ears something to do while her hands are moving. Been that way since she was 2.

He and I share an office now. New, smaller house. Lots of consolidating going on around here. Hoping all this ‘cramming together’ will make for a warmer house come November when the rains set in and that cold Atlantic wind starts howling. My desk is behind his and I find it hard to concentrate on mornings like this….I’m watching him.

My husband is a writer.

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He needs to write. He’s been that way for as long as I’ve known him. Fourteen year old Michael wrote me the sweetest poems. I must admit that his level of intellect (even at that age) astounds me. What in the world does he see in me? Such a simple person I am.

Twenty-two years old, I remember his frustration. West Point graduate looking for a job. The few offers he received were insulting. He wrote to help relieve frustration. On the nasty, carpeted living room floor of our cheap apartment. Into the wee hours of the night. He had no desk then, no office. Barely had a sofa and a bed.

My husband is a writer.

I wonder if he’ll be happy with what he is writing right now. I, of course, think everything  he writes is brilliant. He doesn’t completely trust my opinion. “You’re supposed to say that.” he says. – Maybe he is right. But I’m not one to always do what I’m supposed to do. He has goals..dreams. He’s going to write a book. Period. I know he will. I have no idea what he’s writing, and I won’t dare ask. When he needs me, or my opinion that he won’t trust….he’ll come to me.

My husband is a writer.

I’m the wife.  The one behind him.

Watching him…….quietly.

The supporter, encourager and lunch maker.


  • http://www.thedomesticfringe.com/ Tricia Gillespie

    After that post, I think you’ve got a little writer in you too! Can’t wait to read his book one day.

  • Mom

    Nina, he is a writer, but you are the supporter, encourager, lunchmaker. Your role, though different, is just as important. Without support, encouragement and lunch, what would a man/writer do? I am thankful every day for how you fill that very important role.

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  • Ana

    Loved your post, Nina 🙂 <3

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