Spiritual Growing Pains and Wrestling

I sent a text message to a friend of mine yesterday with the content being a simple Bible verse reference. Book, chapter and verse.

It wasn’t meant to be a secret code or a hint about some pet sin in his life, or mine.

I just wanted him to see what I saw. I wanted him to say, “Man, I’ve never seen that before!” I wanted him to partake of the revelatory blessing that I had just received. I wanted him to suffer with me in my mounting conflict.

Instead, I think I just confused him and distracted him from doing his job. Then I worried him, and it wound up a slightly bigger deal than I originally intended.

The whole exchange lasted 10 texts, but at the end of my 2nd text I replied, “I’m wrestling with some stuff.” It appeared to me rather innocuous…a tame, unremarkable disclosure that God’s two-edged sword had divided some things in my heart, that there was a conflict mounting.

The hoe had broken up some fallow ground, and the Holy Spirit had begun to provoke me to do some good, old-fashioned thumb twiddling. You see, every single time the Lord does this to me, I’ve got to find a solitary place, put my feet up, set my mind in gear and just let it churn. I twiddle my thumbs. I stare out the window.

I ponder. I question. I pray. I get frustrated.

It’s a normal process for me, like my six year old whose pants are all 4 inches too short for him right now. He wanders around the house mumbling, “My legs hurt.” Know why? Because growing pains are aptly named.

They hurt.

Justice’s pants are too short for the same reason that his legs hurt – he’s growing…quickly. Growing pains hurt, whether they are physical or spiritual. It’s normal.

Half way between Ponderville and Frustration City, my phone vibrates again. “Everything ok?”

Me: “Yeah”

Wrestling with GodHim: “What weight class r u wrestling in?” (“Was the battle minor or major? Should he stop what he’s doing and call right now or can it wait until he gets home tonight?”

He didn’t buy in that I was ok. I am. Growing pains just hurt.

We weren’t able to get together yesterday to solve the problems of the universe, but this one thing I’m thankful for: a friend who is willing to help you twiddle your thumbs. We all need somebody to be there when we step on the mat, getting ready for round two in our latest heavyweight match. We all need somebody to bounce some ideas off.

Simply put, sometimes we just need somebody to ask about what weight class we’ll be in.

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  • Mom

    Those revelations are precious because we feel His love in us as He reveals our weaknesses and faults and transforms those weaknesses into strengths. “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction”. We recognize that as a law of nature. A law of spiritual nature is that for every sinful weakness in our spiritual makeup there is an equal and and opposite strength that God refines, first through revelation and progressively as we work it out through struggle and “thumb twiddling”. What a rare friend you have who is so is ready and willing to stand beside you in your spiritual “thumb twiddling”.

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