Holiday Food Trivia Prizes

Thanks to those few but precious people who participated in our Holiday Food Trivia game that began on Christmas Eve. If you haven’t yet seen the rules of the game, hop on over to check it out. Time is slipping away up (winner revealed below), but as promised I now have … There's More →

Holiday Food Trivia

Ok. Here goes. It’s late on Christmas Eve here in Portugal and we’re going to play a little holiday food trivia. I’m in the mood to give something away and to share with you just a little bit about the zany place in which we live. Below you’ll see a … There's More →

Winners Announced!

Candle in the Corner Winners!!!571- Tracie- Taiwan 489- Lindsay- Portugal — (Woo Hoo! Contact me Lindsay!) 602- Nancy- Paraguay 439- Mellie- Spain 402- Gena- Russia 462- Garry- Argentina 6- Maria– Brazil 135- Theresa T.– Botswana 42- Joyce- South Africa 620- Elaine (Extra entry for linking)- Montana 106- Maribeth- Uganda 415- … There's More →

Playing Catch Up

Do you ever feel like you just can’t catch up? Like there is always something that needs to be done? Well, that’s how it’s been lately for me. We’ve just been so busy. Last week, we had my Uncle and Aunt, missionaries on deputation to India, visit with us for … There's More →

Only Two Days Left

Tomorrow will be the last day to give to the Candle in the Corner Giveaway. You can scroll down my sidebar to see 11 of the 12 giveaway items up for grabs. The 12th will be revealed tomorrow. You can also click on any of the pictures to learn more … There's More →

Spotlight on Portugal

We are the Andrzejewski FamilyChurch Planting Missionaries inNorthern Portugal Michael, Nina, Brooklyn, Faith Liberty, Trinity & Justice Portugal is in western Europe, bordered solely by Spain and the Atlantic ocean. It’s home to approximately 11 million people. Most of these people live along the western coast line and know nothing … There's More →

Candle In The Corner Kick Off

IT IS TIME!!!!! Kick Off Is Today&Early Bird Double Entry Day! Go on over to Heidi’s blog and read all the details. It’s a wonderful giveaway/fundraiser for missionaries around the world. Candle in the Corner giveaway is a chance for you to help support missionaries in other “corners of the … There's More →

Blog Party Details…Finally!

Heidi over at Moms, Ministry and More has invited me to participate in an event to help raise funds to support overseas missions. It’s a type of giveaway. However….. it’s not your usual giveaway. It’s so super cool I can hardly stand it! It doesn’t begin until Oct 27, but … There's More →

Help A Girl Out…..Would You?

Hi Everyone! I’m running late this morning getting everything together for a 4th of July cook-out with friends, so this has to be short…. plus it’s been one of those days and I’ve only been out of bed for 30 minutes….. I forgot to put my 8 pound pork roast … There's More →

And The Winner Is…..

Mrs. Tracy! “Ha ha ha…for a minute there I thought you said you were pregnant again.” Congrats Mrs. Tracy! If you’ll email me your address and shirt size we’ll get your shirt to you soon. Thanks to all of you who played along. It was fun!

Two Days To Vote

There are two days left to vote for your favorite caption. Mrs. Tracy is winning by a landslide! You other ladies need to start campaigning….The polls close at 6:30pm CST Thursday!!

Caption Contest

Are you ready to have some fun?! Here are the rules: Leave a comment with a caption for the following picture. Be creative! That’s it! Easy huh?! You have until Monday, April 20th to leave a caption. After that I will post the finalists and let you, my readers vote … There's More →

A Little Of It All

Three days left to post a comment for the give-a-way. Click Here! Last Sunday after church, we headed outside to give bike riding lessons. I’ve posted a few pictures…well…a lot of pictures. Faith, the athletic one on the bunch decides to go first. “Faith, put your feet here.” “Wooahhh…Daddy…..I’m a … There's More →


Here’s my thought…..I have lots of people that look at my blog but have never left a comment. I figured if I offered you something for free, maybe then you’d leave a comment. And who knows, once you find out that it doesn’t hurt at all, maybe you’ll leave some … There's More →

THE Perfect Flower

Do they get any more perfect than the Calla Lily? These pretty things popped up in my yard again. I had no idea that they bloomed twice a year. The more I know about these boogers, the better I like them. They are so strong, yet delicate. It’s been pretty … There's More →

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