“Friend Friday” with Fringe Girl

Today’s Friend Friday post is an interview with Fringe Girl, Tricia Gillespie, author of The Domestic Fringe. I met Tricia over 4 years ago through blogging. She’s a preacher’s wife, a dedicated mother, a fantastic writer and comedian (not the stand up kind). Through her blog, she lives her life for all to see. Her transparency and candidness are, in my opinion, her greatest attributes.

This picture says it all

I hope you enjoy this little peek into my friend’s life……

  • Nina: We met in blog world several years ago.  You quickly won my heart and the title of “my favorite blogger” with your witty sense of humor and eccentric ways.  What did The Domestic Fringe mean to you upon its birth……and how has that changed over the years? What keeps you blogging today?

 Fringe Girl: At its birth, The Domestic Fringe was just a hobby, a way to try my hand at writing. It was my sister-in-law’s idea. She thought I would be good at it. Ever since I was a little girl, I loved writing stories. My grandmother would keep me entertained by giving me paper and a pencil. When she ran out of paper, she gave me a paper plate, and I wrote. My blog was a big-girl paper plate.

Now it is so much more. It has slowly become a way for me to connect with women around the world. Through my blog I have developed friendships with real people who somehow identify with the craziness of my life. I love that blogging is a community built around shared stories from our heart.

My biggest surprise in blogging is that I have been able to share my faith. It has been such a blessing to talk with women via email who are struggling with their faith, and other’s just trying to decide if God is real. I think that is why I keep blogging. Although most days I am just talking about life and the realities of being a mom, I think God has a greater purpose in it all.

  • Nina: Tell me something about the little girl, Patricia Ferreira.  Daughter to American mom and Portuguese dad.  (Did you eat “feijoada”..beans and rice or “bacalhau”…cod fish…as a child?)

Fringe Girl: Well, first, I am “just Tricia”. My aunt is actually Patricia and although I was named after her, I got the shortened version. That’s why I have spent my entire life saying “I’m just Tricia”. In college, I was an English major (ironic, because I probably make the most grammar mistakes of all). Everyone would automatically assume I was majoring in English Education. I would have to say I am just Tricia and just an English major. It became a joke that lives till today.

I really grew up American. My father would only lapse into Portuguese when speaking to the neighbors, family, or when he was really upset. It was a lot like living with Ricky Ricardo, only my father did not sing. What he did do was eat Sardines. I will never forget the smell of sardines cooking. I have not actually eaten one of those little fish, but I have plugged my nose to them a thousand times.

The Portuguese part of me loves Linguica, and Maria cookies. Because I grew up in New York and was surrounded by every culture imaginable, we actually had a Portuguese store and could get specialty items quite easily.

My father? He loves bacalhau. Me? Not so much.

  • Nina: If you could go on a trip to anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

Fringe Girl: This is a tough question to answer. There is a really big part of me that wants to go to a tropical island, but the other part of me wants to spend a month in Europe. If money were no object, the part of me that wants to go to Europe would win out.

Of course I want to go to Portugal to visit my father and my favorite missionaries, but I would also love to see Spain, England, France, Greece, and Rome. Actually, I think I would just like to eat in all of those countries, so an international dinner might do, but then I would not get to take a million photos of all my favorite places. I love being an annoying tourist type and taking mediocre pictures.

  • Nina: Please describe one thing you find difficult about being a pastor/missionary wife.

Fringe Girl: I think one of the most difficult things about being a pastor’s wife is watching people “try Jesus” for a while and then walk right back into their old life of sin and turmoil. Jesus transforms lives, makes people new, but only if we allow Him. He is not our good-luck charm or genie in a bottle. He is not there to just fix our mess. He wants to redeem us, wash us clean, and give us a new life to live. He is our hope for eternity, but also for today. It is hard to see people come to the crossroad where a decision is necessary and then walk as far away from God as possible.

“Many thanks Tricia, for agreeing to be a part of our Friend Friday! You’ve been a blessing to me over the years. Even though we’ve not ever met face to face, I know that I could count on you in times of need. And most important of all, I know you’d pray if I needed you to. May the Lord bless you and your family, provide for you as only He can, and open doors where He wants you to be…..Prayers from Portugal, Nina “

Go visit Fringe Girl over at The Domestic Fringe……you’ll be glad you did.

Happy Weekend Ya’ll….

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