“Friend Friday” Pre-empted by VBS (day 1)

I made a command decision to pre-empt our normal “Friend Friday” interview in order to post some pics/videos of our first day of VBS. It started yesterday and we had 26 kids in attendance, with about 9 adults helping. We feel as though it was a great turnout for our first ever VBS. As many of you know, we are doing it at our house and have invited a ton of the neighborhood kids.

We had stories and skits. We smashed balloons together and had an all around great time. Everybody, even the moms in the supermarket are surprised by the turnout we had. Take a look at a few of the pics.

The word amongst our kids yesterday was that in the beginning a bunch of the kids said that they didn’t think that they would come back. As the day wore on, they said that they might come back. By the time some of them left, after staying for an extra hour, they said that they were definitely coming back.

Today is our second day, and Nina is super worried that we won’t have enough space or enough help, chairs, help, food, etc. It is a good kind of nervous, I guess. Pray for us, that we might be able to avoid the obligatory, oh-no-where-did-that-kid-go-when-his-mom-is-there-to-pick-him-up-moment. It actually happened. One of the youngest kids here yesterday disappeared upstairs right as his mom was here to get him. When we called him, he didn’t answer. We had a impromptu game of hide-and-seek, very quickly.

Check out one video below, but please don’t forget to pray for us!


More updates to come after Day 2 ends and we are able to breathe again!

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