Bring Your A-Game

I wonder what it looked like when the disciples argued with each other. You had at least three sets of brothers in the twelve, and if you don’t think there was a bunch of squabbling, you probably don’t have any brothers or sisters. They harassed each other, got sick of … There's More →

Coaching and Preaching

Everybody on this side of the ball needs to drive his man to the sideline, and everybody on this side of the ball needs to drive his man to the other sideline! As much as I tried to explain, they just weren’t getting the concept. After a few repetitions it still wasn’t clicking, so I went … There's More →

Does God care about football?

A quick post on game day! Next week maybe I’ll explore this subject more in depth.  Gondizalves, Portugal. The Maximinos Warriors will try to dispense with the Celtics from Gaia in short order. American football in Portugal. Its obscurity doesn’t tell the true story of its relevance. Or of its … There's More →

Tired of Running Downhill

I set out for a different route today. I didn’t want to run the same way that I had on Friday or Saturday. I needed new. New scenery. A new challenge. Nursing a sore hamstring that I pulled running sprints about three weeks ago, my mind told me not to … There's More →

The Twitter-Tumbler All Influence Bowl

There’s a battle raging right now, and Facebook is winning. Instagram is up by 4 touchdowns midway through the fourth quarter, and your offense hasn’t been able to move the ball all day long. What used to work isn’t working any more, and your defense is all banged up. Your … There's More →

American Pleasures

We’re just weeks away from celebrating our 5 year in Portugal anniversary.  Upon arriving, we had 17 trunks filled with everything we thought important to bring with us….peanut butter, kid’s books in English, clothes (thank goodness we thought that was important, huh?) more peanut butter, and maybe a baseball, a glove … There's More →

In Case You Haven’t Heard (Nov. 5, 2012)

Here are three links for a Monday, just in case you haven’t heard about these stories. A politics-free zone today before the election tomorrow. Special Team – A feel good article by ESPN’s Rick Reilly “All of a sudden, Chy started coming home as her bubbly self again. When her … There's More →

“Friend Friday” with the Contreras Family in Spain

For today’s Friend Friday conversation, we have a couple of friends and neighbors visiting. Joseph and Danielle (or Joe and Dani) live in the northern Spanish region of Asturias. They came to visit us one time, and sadly we have not been able to return the favor, yet. They have … There's More →

Tebow, Bayless and a Very Quiet Stephen A. Smith

Have you ever watched a video with Stephen A. Smith where he isn’t screaming from the top of his lungs? Watch this one and you will. Have you ever seen a video where you have found yourself agreeing with Stephen A. Smith? Watch this one and you might. Pick up … There's More →

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