Watermelon is a beloved treat in this family. All 5 of my kids adore this fruit. However, melons are pretty expensive here…especially when it takes so much of our American dollars to get a Euro. Anyway…I splurged yesterday and bought a tiny melon. Just enough for us all to have one small slice. It was about the size of a softball on steroids

Boys….got to love ’em.

I know..he needs a haircut.

Faith is always wherever my camera is.

Notice the grass.

That grossed daddy out, so he washed it off for him.

Much better.

  • Tori

    Nothing speaks summer like a watermelon. Hey guess what I have sitting on my counter? A huge melon, we’re gonna cut it today, hopefully it’s good because we wait until the price goes down too. It’s 2.99 kuna per kilo now so that’s not too bad.
    Your little Justice is way too cute!!

  • Anonymous

    Thats Mimi’s boy! The one watermelon I bought this summer was not good. Maybe Tim will bring me one when they get ready for picking and I will think of Brooklyn sitting on the driveway last summer. (riding the 4-wheeler and eating watermelon)
    Love you!! Mom

  • Heather

    I love the little video clip – Justice really gets into eating his melon!

  • Grace

    Aww…those are such sweet pictures!:) Looks like a yummy treat…you’ve gotta have watermelon at least once during the summer:)

  • Anonymous

    Trin and Justice are getting so big! They really need a hug from their Nanny. Thank you so much for the pictures and comments. I almost feel like I am with you.


  • The Webbs

    The kids are adorable! I don’t think my kids have had watermelon. They are so picky! I guess we need to venture out more. Love you guys!


  • Erica Lynn

    Justice is so cute. I love your kids’ names. Living in America, we forget that the whole world isn’t like here. It’s good to read your blog and give me perspective as to just how tiny the United States is in relation to the world. Thanks.


    Hello, my name is Connie and I am a Baptist also. You have such a good blog here, I enjoyed my visit meeting you and your family.

    We love watermelon too! It seems like they are not as good as they were when I was a That was a loooog time ago. But I still like them. Your children are wonderful. Hope you have a great day. I live on the Gulf coast of Texas. connie

  • Jungle Mom

    I tagged you for a meme.

  • Starr

    Your kids are adoreable! What a lovely family you have. I’ve enjoyed looking around your blog and will be back!

  • HOPE

    Your family is precious…can’t imagine a watermellon that size! I will sure be thinking of you next time I get a bigg’n.

    I did not know that your husband was a Pastor and then called to the field! I’m sure the LORD has a mighty work for you there.

    God bless your desires and work on the field.

    I have a second blog now..This is the day…

  • Sarah Sellers

    O my goodness he is so big now…and hes looks so adorable

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