Fighting the Pastor’s Hangover

Shocked by the title?

Forgive me if you are, but to me, it is the only way to describe what I battle each Monday morning after service on Sunday. I feel drained physically, emotionally and spiritually. The effect doesn’t seem to correlate with how the previous Lord’s Day went. It doesn’t really matter if services went very well or very poorly. Monday could be very difficult, or not so much.

I’ve read what I’ve come across on the issue and tried several strategies to fight against it. After following the conventional wisdom of taking in Mondays off in the past, I found an article by one pastor who says that he doesn’t take Monday off because he doesn’t want to give his family his worst day. So, I’ve begun trying to work through Mondays and plug on to try to gain some traction for Tuesday and the rest of the week. It helped significantly…until today.

Today’s no good. Cool, rainy and mostly miserable day. I would chalk it up to that, but I’ve been looking forward to fall. I’m ready for some wind and rain this year.

Many pastors say that reading Scripture, to start the day, similar to every other day serves as an aspirin to the Pastor’s Hangover. Some say that physically challenging exercise kicks back against that “blah.” Others, extended times of prayer.

Not today. I just haven’t been able to muster the desire or energy. Today I won’t lie or try to sound super spiritual. This Monday, September 24th, 2012, has me on the ropes.

The bad part? This week stares back at me with several deadlines, travel and even moving a refrigerator for a friend. So, as an almost last resort, I’m opting for a little comedic therapy. Join me, won’t you, by watching my favorite Tim Hawkins clip, and after the jump, tell me how you or your pastor deal with the Pastor’s Hangover.


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  • Stefani

    This is hilarious! Praying for you brother! Praying you get the energy and encouragement you need today! Love you!

    • Michael Andrzejewski

      Thank you, Stef. One foot in front of the other. “…I SHOOK HIS HAND!”

  • FringeGirl

    Oh, my goodness. I about died laughing. Tim Hawkins kills me.

    My husband gets the post Sunday hangover too. I’ll be praying for you today. Hope the week gets consistently better!

  • Nina

    I love you more than you know…mondays stink.

  • Alan Hart

    Yeah, that helps. Hang in there brother. God’s blessings on your hangover Monday. Before you know it will be Tuesday.

  • June

    Sunday is my favorite day of the week…..Mondays, I RE-eat the message, or maybe I am like the cow….just trying to let the Lord DIGEST it for me! I pray at the altar, as much as for testimony as anything ….but it is on MONDAY that I am able to use what I learned, share it with someone, try to put truth to work in my life, or my mind or my heart…..because I have been filled….YOU on the otherhand have been EMPTIED!! You have allowed God to feed you, fill you, change you, help you. He has glorified Himself through you, He is real to others through you. He is now seen, you have disappeared, now, on Mondays there is really nothing left OF YOU!…. WHAT A GRACIOUS PLACE TO BE!!!!!!!!!!!!! I understand where you are on Mondays…I have lived that life….from “I didn’t say that right at ALL, it just did NOT come out like I had it in my heart!!” all the way to “where is …..(whoever)….this is 3 services they have missed in 2 weeks!!! What should I do??? ” Mondays it is even bigger that it was on Sun. night. Total flop, total failure, wondering how God can even USE me…and on and on!! Satan has a field day with men of God, and YOU my sweet, wonderful, special man of God, takes an earned hit. For someone who is giving what you are giving, I am in NO WAY suprised! Take a nap, count your blessings, eat some peanutbutter pie, go for a run, write your wife a love letter..(or Ms. June!!)….. (or someone at church, that was SUCH a blessing here!!) take one of your girls on a “date with Dad”..and for you….don’t think about staying focused for a bit……some things never change Bro. Michael, and you have remained the same in all of the GOOD ways…..I love you….

  • Michael Andrzejewski

    Thank you to everyone for all of the nice and heartfelt comments.

  • William Harper

    Br. Michael, I have never figured out a “magic formula” for Mondays either! I have just started doing what I feel like. Some Mondays I work in the office, some I “work” in the yard and garden, and sometimes I sleep late, watch TV (NASCAR usually), whatever.

  • Manuel

    I know my knowledge is not the greatest when it comes to what I’m about to talk about but I’ll speak my thoughts.
    Not too long ago I was forced to think what a child represents for their parents, it’s not easy raising them, at the same time you have to realise that they have a mom and you have a wife.
    Some say that a man is the family base, the strong part, the one the rest of the family should relly on. Well that can help to drag you down, your kids go to school, wife goes to work, and after a good weekend you will most probably feel a litle “empty” on monday, thats completly normal IF you look at it tht way… But if instead you channel your thought to how happy your kids were when going to school, how much they will learn and how much you know they are wanting to help you in anyway possible because they love you and so they learn. That starts on monday, and I think that is something to be happy for and has a father I will, one day, be looking forward for mondays. And I belive that will help to fill you up a little bit too.

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