European Living – The Shade

And for the next installment to….European Living….

The Shade

I have no idea what these things are really called.

But whatever their name is……they’re awesome!

You pull that gray cord on the left….and wa-lah! You have light!

Here is an outside view….

These things are great for creating a dark room in the middle of the day when you’re craving a nap. Or during the heat of the summer, we keep them closed to help keep the house a tiny bit cooler. However, this theory has not been proven. Once this house gets hot, In my opinion, there’s nothing to cool it off. Imagine a very large brick….that’s what this house feels like…baking in the sun. I’m a southern gal. I’m from where EVERY house has air conditioning. Call me spoiled, I guess.

So again, when I’m old and retired and I build my dream house on the eastern coast of America, all my bathrooms will have bidets and all my windows will have shades.

Stay tuned for more installments to…European Living.

  • The Herd

    So very nice! I’ve never seen such! Have you ever wondered–will God let you retire??? Hmmm…that thought occurs to me a lot lately!

  • Kristina

    Hi Nina,

    When we visited Croatia on our survey trip, the missionaries home we stayed in had those shades too. I too have been spoiled with A/C in our home. We can’t wait to get to Croatia and set up home where things can finally be somewhat normal apart from deputation. =)

  • Mrs. Tracy

    That’s pretty neat…I’m still not a fan of the bidet…but I think I like the shades ;o}

  • Rui Oliveira

    We call it “persiana”.

  • Nina in Portugal

    Muito Obrigada, Rui!!

    So…that’s what they’re called?!


  • Jungle Mom

    My in laws had those in Germany. they called them something like ‘rolandas’. They told me they were invented during the war for blackouts and people got used to them and so, still have them.

  • Amrita

    This would be good for India where air conditioning is only for the rich. I would love tohave it. We have canvas curtains for our veranda.

  • thedomesticfringe

    Cool shades. They remind me of the metal things stores close down over their windows at night. Do you know what I mean? They must have them everywhere….

    They use them in NY all the time. You pull down this big metal “shade” and lock it. Then no-one can break in or at least it makes things more difficult. Where there’s a will, there’s a way.


  • Pam

    Those are awesome! They sort of reminded me of our hurricane shutters here in Flo. They probably aren’t as strong as them but I can see where they’re great for darkening a room. Funny you mentioned air conditioning in this post! Ours is fixed – can I hear HALLELUJAH!?

  • TCKK

    I agree with you FringeGirl, that is what they look like to me too.

  • Dani Joy

    someone beat me to it… we call them “Persianas” too. LOL

    Great post! Love em! can´t live with out em now. I love this European Living Meme and May just join in if I can think of something fun and exotic like you do. LOL. But I guess I have been taking things for granted.

    Can´t wait to see you next week!!! oooo man it´s getting so close!

  • Pilar

    Those are persianas for us… of course that is spanish.. so not much help for you 🙂

    I never thought about it because I always had them, but with all the visits we have been having I have been hearing lots of comment on how cool they are…. Now thinking about it, they are really cool, and it is a little bit of a security thing, because if you put them down, there is no way anyone is coming in from outside.

  • Pam–in Estonia

    We had those in Israel too. Of course, where we NEED them is right here in Estonia. The sun doesn’t go down until midnight and still then it looks like dusk outside until about 4 when it’s bright again. They would make awesome black out shades.

  • Tammy

    Wow, those are nice! Such a clean look, and no messy cords next to the window.

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