Email is not immediate

I just had the funniest conversation with an older gentleman who owns the printing shop nearby the church. The shop is relatively small and the prices are good. However, as I found out today, the commentary can be a little amusing. I was greeted curtly shortly after arriving and I quickly informed the aforementioned gentleman that roughly ten minutes earlier I had emailed an attachment that I would like to have printed. His response was a quick one, tinted with incredulity and frustration, “Email is not immediate.”

I smiled and said frankly, “Well, it really is.” It’s electronic mail at 10MB a second. It’s not the Pony Express.

He shot back, “No, it’s not.”

I assured him that enough time had elapsed and that he should have the email, while saying that email was so immediate that I could be on the phone with someone in the United States, send them an email from here, while simultaneously saying, “You got it?” and inevitably the answer is, “Yep, here it is.”

From there the conversation got funny when the white-haired debater told me, “Well, maybe that’s the way things work in the United States, but it’s not the way they work here. Email is not immediate and neither is it reliable.”

I don’t know if he sends emails over dial-up or what, but he told me that sometimes he sends emails and they don’t get to the recipient until the next day. Sometimes, they don’t even get there at all! But email is definitely not a reliable form of communication.

My kind response was that there are many factors involved and I’m not sure what kind of email system he uses, but unless it goes to the Spam box or you just don’t get the email address correct, it is extremely reliable. Taking out those two problems, I’ve never had an email get lost in cyberspace. Neither have I had one get put on the slow boat so that it doesn’t arrive for hours or days.

But, this man has and he was convinced of the policy that he instituted at his other copy shop. If you send an attachment via email, you have to wait 3 hours before you can ask for it to be printed, because email is not immediate.

Finally, I gathered my things, paid for my copies and explained why I sent the email in the first place. I have a pen drive that is formatted for the Mac OS and not for windows, and the last time that I tried to have something printed with them using that pen drive, it didn’t work.

His response as I walked out the door, “Oh, Macs are much better computers. Maybe that’s why you don’t ever have problems with email.”

Dead serious. True story. I’ll never again believe my lying eyes. Email is not immediate.

But, if you want it to be, then just buy a Mac. Problem solved.

  • the domestic fringe

    That was hysterical. I think that’s the way a lot of older folks think. Someone recently asked my husband for a VHS of him preaching. Where in the world are we going to get one of those?

    • Michael

      VHS! Too bad he didn’t say “Beta”. That is awesome. Can I ask how old this person was? Copy guy was probably mid-60s.

  • Mom

    Maybe the email is not.immediate because he doesn’t read it immediately. That means he is not responsible for it until he reads it. Another possible explanation is that he is old and everything is slower, haha.

  • Nina

    Oh my, that was funnier than hearing you tell it in person!

    This is why it takes forever to get anything done in this country.

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