‘Dog’gonit Crimson

So, I actually shopped for a few Christmas gifts yesterday.  The calendar says we have a little more than 2 weeks left, but my head is saying we have at least 3 months.  I have been behind a lot lately…..not even getting my few fall decorations out until a few days before Thanksgiving.  So unlike me.

With the Christmas season each year comes a few boxes of goodies from the States.  Customs here in Portugal has changed some things and their regulations have gotten stricter.  Which means most of our packages are getting stopped, inspected and import taxes charged.

Bah-humbug to import taxes.

Last week, after some struggles, we finally received a box of peanut butter, pop-tarts, seasonings a water kettle and a Pyrex portable. (Aren’t those things just nifty?) Most of the pop-tarts are put away to pull out at a later date.  We have to be careful not to make ourselves sick on a diet of pure, strawberry, sugary goodness….so only a few make it to the pantry shelf at a time.

This morning when I got  up there were two pretty silver wrappers on the kitchen floor.  Trying to clear my head and open my eyes fully I saw crumbs in the dogs bed and on the floor all around her.  Really Crimson!?!  You ate MY pop-tarts?! 2 wrappers = 4 pop-tarts!!  4!!!!!!  (Give me a break, it was early.  It took me a while to come to the conclusion that she had eaten 4 of my precious pop-tarts!)

Liberty said, “Mom, she’s American!”  As if her eating them could be overlooked because she’s a sugar addicted American too.

I don’t care if she’s Chinese, Arabic, American or Portuguese….NO ONE EATS my pop-tarts!  At least, not without asking first. And absolutely not first thing in the morning before my 2nd cup of coffee….

She’s 3 months old today.  It’s not the first time she’s eaten something she wasn’t supposed to….I’m sure it won’t be the last.

She can have all the Maria cookies that she wants…..

…….just leave my pop-tarts alone.


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  • Nanny

    She’s so cute, Nina. You can’t be too mad at her. Merry Christmas to Crimson. Dogs know what tastes good too. Ask her if she wants her coffee now. Haha. Love you guys!!!

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1483945882 Michael-Nina Andrzejewski

      She is cute, Janice….but I’m still mad at her. Guess I’m bad at holding grudges lately. 😉 Love you too….Nina

  • maria jorge

    That was the funniest post ever ! Some years back, by this time, my lovely dog unwrapped some chocolate boxes and sit by the Christmas tree happily indulging himself in a truly chocolate feast. First it was a shock… but in the end, who doesn´t love Christmas time ?…

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1483945882 Michael-Nina Andrzejewski

      It was pretty funny once I saw her cute face. Almost as if saying, “What?” I guess I need to share my preciously imported junk food more often……just maybe not with her. 😉 ~Merry Christmas Maria Jorge…..Nina

  • the domestic fringe

    lol. But that face! How can you be mad at that face?

  • wanda williams

    My grand puppy is so cute! How did she have access to those precious treats? Be careful at what she consumes as lots of stuff causes renal failure in our preciouse pups! Hope she wasnt sick!
    I luv luv luv you!

  • Sandy

    We can’t get pop tarts here either so I fully understand. But your dog is sooooo cute. Love ya.

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