Does God care about football?

A quick post on game day! Next week maybe I’ll explore this subject more in depth. 

Gondizalves, Portugal. The Maximinos Warriors will try to dispense with the Celtics from Gaia in short order.


American football in Portugal. Its obscurity doesn’t tell the true story of its relevance. Or of its potential.

11 young men working together in concert to conquer ground. 11 young men working as one to defend their land.

The Old Testament Biblical parallels are notable.

The sport lends itself to training and molding of men.

But, does God care about football?

It’s not a bunch of knuckle draggers bashing their heads against each other. It’s different from boxing or mixed martial arts. The intent is not to harm others. It’s a team sport that is often likened to chess while its more popular rival, soccer is often likened to the more simplistic game of checkers.

As the coach, today, I want to win, but more than that I want to teach.

484179_4099990186455_103574191_nRespect. Courage. Trust.

While you may say that God doesn’t care about football, I say that He cares about us. He cares about who we are. He cares about whether or not we can trust someone or if we are always skeptical. He cares about us conquering our fears.

Football demands passion. God desires it too.

Today I want to teach that whatever our hands find to do, that we should do it with all of our might. We can glorify Him in that.

Pray for me. I want to be a teacher. An example. Pray for the Warriors today, that they might see Christ in me, the hope of glory. See, I’m not always a teacher. Sometimes I’m a screamer, and I hate myself when that happens.

I go home unsatisfied and repenting that I let our guys see way too much of me and way too little of Jesus.

I’ve got high expectations for our guys. I expect much of the officials. Today, I want for those expectations to be overcome with encouragement and thanksgiving. For effort put forth.

Pray for me that my speech would be seasoned with grace, rather than condemnation. With joy and not disappointment.

Please, pray.

  • William Harper

    Praying that Christ will be seen in you, today and everyday.

    • Michael

      Thanks, bro. He must increase and I must decrease. Worthy is the Lamb.

  • Nina

    I’m with you…..beside you….praying.

    I’ll be the loudest one there most certainly, with the biggest redneck yell.

    I want our ‘men’ to know that I’m for them….on the field for sure and even more so I’m for them off the field.

    I want them to succeed in life. Understand that we need God in all that we do and say……

    Go Warriors……Play Hungry…..
    Nina recently posted..Does God care about football?My Profile

    • Michael

      Well said, my dear. Keep praying for me, and cheering too.

  • Mom

    I am praying for you and for each man on the team. I pray that what they learn from your character will cause them to question the source of that character and provide opportunities for personal witness for the power of the gospel.

    I would love to be there to be a cheering fan with Nina.

    • Michael

      Thank you, Mom. I hate that the weather was so bad during the game when you guys were here. Just keep praying for open doors and boldness to walk through them.

  • Jim Poelman

    We’re praying for you as well, today and everyday. We pray that the team and the officials would see Christ in you. If you are yourself today, I am confident that they will all see a man of God, a man of courage, a man of utmost integrity. That is the Michael I have known.
    Wish we could be there.

    • Michael

      Bro. Jim. Man, it’s good to hear from you! Thanks for the comment. You guys are welcome for a visit anytime you want. We pray all is well with you guys.

  • dani Joy

    Totally understand! Find myself doing the same thing. What a blessing to read this and feel connected with you all! We are with you in Spirit! We are in it with you by occupation! We are praying for the same end!

    Phil. 1:6 Be Confident!


    • Michael

      Thanks, Dani Joy. I like the scripture reference!

  • Michael A. Coughlin

    Ahhh, a post after my own heart, from being a Christian coach to hating when I’m a screamer, wanting to be a teacher and show Christ to my team. Good to read this brother, thanks.

    I saw your gracious comment to elainebitt on CGate and clicked through to your blog.

    Lord bless you.
    Michael A. Coughlin recently posted..A Pastor Worth More than RubiesMy Profile

    • Michael

      Coach Coughlin, thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. I pray that my comment on CGate came off as gracious and not snarky.
      Come back whenever you can. Do you blog somewhere?

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