Days Like These

It’s days like these that can be rather difficult. It’s Sundays when no one other than my family and our co-worker comes to Sunday School that I realize just how much work we have to do here in Portugal.


Nobody in Sunday School

When was the last time that you asked a pastor, “How many did you guys have in Sunday School yesterday?” with the response being, “Zero.” We had zero toddlers, zero juniors, zero teens, and exactly zero adults. Normally we have 5-8 adults (not counting our family) with another 2-4 kids.

Not last Sunday.

The funny thing is that we had about 30 come for the worship service and the Lord used His word greatly with the Holy Spirit ministering to people’s hearts. I was overwhelmed once again by God’s grace and moved to tears at the end of the message.

So, I want you to know that I’m not at all trying to sing a sad song and garner a bunch of trumped up sympathy. We love serving the Lord here, even with all of the challenges we face, but I want to paint an accurate picture of what some of those difficulties are on the foreign field, especially in western Europe.

However, not wanting the mood to get too melancholy, channeling Jeff Foxworthy, I’ve decided to do a list similar to the “You might be a redneck if…”

Mine is entitled, “God may NOT be calling you to Europe if…”

God may not be calling you to Europe if….you are someone who needs constant outside affirmation and encouragement.

God may not be calling you to Europe if….you are someone who gauges a ministry solely by the size of Sunday School attendance.

God may not be calling you to Europe if…you aren’t comfortable preaching without someone yelling “AMEN!” every 8 seconds.

God may not be calling you to Europe if…you enjoy preaching more on standards than you do on salvation.

God may not be calling you to Europe if…you expect to start a church, establish it and turn it over to a national pastor on your first term.

Given a little thought, I may consider a follow-up post about a few light-hearted hints on whether or not God could be calling someone to serve Him in Europe, but until then I’d love to hear from you in the comment section.

  • William Harper

    Love the “ifs”. Will see what I can add. Have to think a bit first…

    • Michael Andrzejewski

      Thanks for the comment, Bro. Harper. I’d love to hear what you come up with.

  • Michael-Nina Andrzejewski

    I love YOU, our FAMILY and the MINISTRY God allows us to be a part of here in Portugal….highs and lows are normal. Mondays can be tough for a pastor and his family. But we serve an amazing God. ~Nina

  • William Harper

    You may not be called to Europe if… you are easily annoyed by bad drivers.

    • Michael Andrzejewski

      Exactly! Although I don’t want to start doubting my call…Seriously though, that is something that I get easily frustrated about.

  • the domestic fringe

    Your list sounds extremely applicable to New England.

    Praying for you guys and your ministry. You are doing a great work.

    • Michael Andrzejewski

      FringeGirl, that’s great! I can only imagine. Maybe one day I’ll have the privilege.

  • HCarvalho

    You may not be called to Europe if… you want religion mixed in politics.

    You may not be called to Europe if… you want creationism taught in school.

    You may not be called to Europe if… you despise a National Health Service.

    Don’t want to start a religious/political flame war, just pointing out some cultural diferences between Europe and the US.

    • Michael Andrzejewski

      HCarvalho, thanks again for your comment and for keeping it where my children and my grandmother could read it without being offended. The three differences that you mentioned between Europe and the US certainly seem to contrast quite starkly, but I suspect that if we were to look a bit closer, the differences aren’t as marked as you might think. I could respond to your comment and try to defend what I believe in regards to each point, but it really doesn’t matter. I am not here to change politics, or the school system, or Health Care. I’m not here to change the culture at all. Instead, I want to lift up the name of Jesus Christ as the only Savior for a man’s soul. Put simply, I’m here to tell others about a man who completely transformed my life. Do you know him?

  • HCarvalho

    All my life, I like what he’s stands for, but I really don’t like what has/is being done in his name.

    • Michael Andrzejewski

      HCarvalho, I understand completely. One day, at your convenience, I would love to speak with you privately (through email, telephone or in person) about my experience with Him. Feel free to email me if you are interested.

  • Danijoy

    Oh so true! We can relate!

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