Dad is great! Give us chocolate cake!

I’m a single parent until Thursday, and although I’m not fighting back tears right now, it will probably happen some time in the next few days.

For those of you leaping to conclusions right about now, our marriage is strong. No lawyers are being contacted. Instead, Nina had a wonderful opportunity to attend this year’s Women of Compassion conference in Lisbon. Hopefully when she returns she can post at least once about her experience at the WOC. If she was really coaxed into it by a bunch of comments, she might even post from the event?! But so you have an idea, the About Us page on their website states:

Women of Compassion exists to support and encourage North American women who are working cross-culturally in international settings in a variety of roles, such as economic development, health care and training, education and leadership training, agricultural development, etc. Many individuals who commit their lives to working towards providing holistic care to one another often encounter a multitude of challenges in their profession – loneliness, isolation, depression, cultural adjustment, language and translation problems, etc. Many challenges that are faced in their home countries are magnified when living in another culture.

By providing times of refreshment and encouragement, we seek to equip these women to continue working in their various professions around the world. Our retreats offer women in cross-cultural professions an opportunity to get away from their work environments and be holistically restored. We bring a team of volunteers with us to provide haircuts, pedicures, massages, and color analysis for some fun external pampering. We also bring counselors, mentors, nutritionists, and trained health care providers to provide care for more personal and internal needs.

What that means is that this week she gets to be treated like the queen she is while our kids suffer through bad suppers, plain hairdos and the general weird stuff that Dad does.

biscuitsIt means no homemade biscuits, fried ham and scrambled eggs for supper. More like Cup o’ Noodles and Golden Grahams.


Mom gets pampered. Kids suffer. Dad gets even more bald.

Nanny and Mimi can relax just a little bit because the dishwashing, ironing and general meal cleanup are all done by the girls with a little help and annoyance from the little brother. Yes, I’ve still got to do the laundry – I hope I remember how to start the washing machine. I’ll cook…something, and do my best to juggle all the different schedules. Oh yeah, and there’s that pastor/missionary thing too.

Try imagining a poor man’s version of Cheaper by the Dozen.

But, this may be a better comparison for the week. “Dad is great! Give us chocolate cake!”

Not that I’m complaining, I’m capable of wearing a few different hats for a week or so.

Yet, one thing is for certain. Trips like this make me appreciate my bride and all that she does. My greatest fear is being a widower, young or old. She’s in the Lord’s hands, and I trust Him.

So, where do you come in? Well, besides sharing the post with all of the missionary women and families working cross-culturally that you know, I’d like ask you for a few suggestions:

Meal ideas, parenting tips, and well wishes for the unfortunate 5 that will be with me all week. Go ahead, chime in, please.

  • angie sides

    Micheal here the go to easy dinner for me… ive made it several different ways… with fresh chicken boiled and chopped.. canned shredded chicken…deboned rotisseri chicken (my personal fav) or cut up grilled chicken patties..i usually also use a mixture of colby jack and cheddar instead of just cheddar and jack.. and medium or hot salsa.. but mild works just as well for those who might not like the heat when i make it for a large crowd i also add a third layer…. the first link is the actual recipe and the second one is a video on how to put together and put in oven..

    EVERYONE LOVES IT from the lil kids to their Grandparents…so give it a whirl and let me know what you think! Good Luck DAD!

  • Mom

    Michael, no, you are not mommy but you are a very capable daddy. You are great at BBQ and chili. And there are other menu items I’m sure you can pull off with Faiths help. She probably knows a lot about cooking because Nina calls her her little assistant cook. I have no tips on parenting that you don’t know, just a reminder: PATIENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m sure Nina will have a wonderful week and have several days of posts from her experiences. I hope she will take a lot of pictures too. Give all my babies a big hug from Papaw and Nanny. We are counting the days till our visit.

  • Nina

    You’re so sweet my love….. I miss you too. You’re a fantastic cook, the kids love when you make dinner. Now, the washing machine…just remember to do the quick load or else the washer will run for hours.
    Nina recently posted..Why do we love each other?My Profile

    • Michael

      I think everybody has underwear for tomorrow, so I’m not washing clothes tonight!!! If they don’t have clean underwear, then they’ll just have to turn it inside out.

  • Mimi

    Michael, your so funny!
    You are a fantastic Dad and some how I dont believe you need any parenting tips. Your a good cook! Let the kids decide on the meal.
    Nina will be fine.. we know the Lord will take care of her! Just think how good she’s gona look when she gets home! Im glad she had this opportunity.
    Yes, absence makes the heart grow fonder!
    Just one thing…. clean undies are a must! 🙂
    I love you! Give my babies hugs for me.

  • The Domestic Fringe

    I’d say order pizza for dinner (that’s what my husband does), but I’m not sure you have that option available to you. Funny video.

    Glad Nina is having a little time to herself. I pray the conference will be a big blessing to her.

    Good luck! 😉
    The Domestic Fringe recently posted..Comparison HurtsMy Profile

  • Dani Jot

    Oh I so wish I could have gone with Nina! Wow what an opportunity!
    You will do great bro. Michael! Do a lot of pasta and rice.

    Dani Joy

    • Michael

      Dani Joy, thanks for the note. We had pasta, but no rice. Everybody survived and we’re thankful to have Nina home.

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