You guys were so sweet to me last week when I had my little meltdown. Thank you for all of your words of encouragement.

Back in my better blogging days, I was the ‘picture post queen’. If I didn’t have much to say, I’d just post a bunch of pictures. Folks seem to like it as it was less time consuming than reading wordy posts, and it’s always easy to comment on a pretty picture.

I don’t know how pretty this next picture is….the bleached blond, not so much. But that cute lil’ black furball, absolutely!

Crimson and me

I threatened Michael for several days after Major passed away not to show up with another dog. I though every other dog in the world was dumb and not worth my time….nothing could replace Major.

Monday morning, as usual, I went outside to hang out the wash. Major always went with me, sitting patiently for me to finish with his ball in his mouth. He always got some play time with me after the laundry was done. Except this Monday I just kept looking, longingly at the spot where he would wait. I’d had all I could take.

I returned inside, and did something I didn’t think I’d do for quite a while…….I looked up Labrador puppies in northern Portugal!

In a matter of about 6 hours, little Crimson became part of our family. Once I was ready, I was ready.

I’m not trying to replace Major….which will never be done. I’m just trying to fill our void and complete our family once again.

Happy Kids

For the record, puppies sure are cute, but they pee and poop more than a newborn!!

  • maria jorge

    Ahhhhh I just love him ! I’m so happy for you ! (and by the way, the bleached blonde looks lovely)

  • FringeGirl

    That puppy is adorable!

  • cathy

    So sad that that little puppy isn’t going to have anyone to love her. Hahaha. Look at the love in everyones eyes. She is one blessed Pup. Adorable.

  • Rob-Taunya Lanham

    I think the bleach blond and crimson are both adorable! 🙂 It’s definitely the little things that make our days special, whether hanging out laundry and playing with a pup, to listening to our children chatter on about their day, fixing breakfast for our hubbies just because…etc etc. So happy for you all, everyone of you look so happy in these pics! At least until someone gets pooper scooper duty! LOL Hugs and love to you all!!! Taunya

  • wanda williams

    My grand-puppy is sooo cute! 😉
    I love you!

  • Christy @ My Invisible Crown

    I have a close friend who’s dog passed after 13 years and she was devastated. I thought it would be years before she even considered another dog but just like you, after just a couple weeks she went put and got a puppy. She needed that position filled! Not to replace him like you said but when you’re dog people you need a dog in your life. It’s just not the same and it does help heal your heart in some ways. I’m so glad we have a new member of the family and his name is absolutely perfect!

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