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Waiting for your email

You’re welcome to email us anytime day or night. Nina can be reached at and Michael at We do have a Portuguese house phone and cell phones, but it would probably be more than you would want to spend to talk to us for any length of time. But, for those that really want to talk, we’ve got “the black phone”. We always answer the black phone in English and the white phone in Portuguese. The black phone is a phone that we have attached an American phone number too and it doesn’t cost us anything to receive calls on. If you would like this number, shoot us an email and we’ll gladly send it to you. Otherwise, commenting on a post or through Facebook are good ways to get in touch with us.

If those don’t work, hop a plane and give us a visit. Nina’s always up for a cup of coffee.


  • Dani Joy

    Love it!!! We too have a US phone, it´s our silver one and a Spain phone, It´s our black one. LOL


  • Roberto

    Enviei mensagem para vosso correio electrónico.

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