Clothesline Prayer

Mornin’ everyone……

As I do every morning, I glanced outside to see if I would be able to drink my coffee on the patio. Weather is a HUGE part of my day over here…a big part of my ‘to do’ list…and sadly to say, has a large part to do with my mood. It’s gray, cool and wet outside this morning which means I probably won’t hang clothes outside. I’ve gotten a little smarter in the last three years since this original post, now I have a line inside my house! 😉

Today I’m pulling out an oldie, but goodie. A post I did over 3 years ago.

Hope you enjoy it…..

……”This morning while on my drive home from the gym, I was thinking.

Did you get that?

I was thinking!!

Scary, huh?

Anyway, I was thinking that I forgot to start my washers last night. We have an electricity plan that allows us certain hours when the electricity is cheaper. After midnight, the power is almost 50% cheaper, so I try to wash clothes at midnight. At least start my washers and then go to bed. I have two washers. One was left in the house (it’s 18 years old!) when we moved in, so my husband rigged it up using the plumbing from a shower that we don’t use, so I can run two washers at once! With 5 kids, and itty bitty European washers, I need all the washers I can get!. Both of these washers may hold as many clothes as my one washer did in the states.

Back to my story….

I forgot to load the washers last night which means I don’t get to hang them out this morning, and this makes me sad.

Yes, you heard me right…I actually like hanging clothes out on the line.

Last summer was my first time ever to use a clothesline. I had to learn the right and wrong way to do it. I posted about my time spent at ‘The Line’.

I love the fresh, clean smelling clothes that are wet and cool against the hot sun. I pray as I hang each article of clothing…….

…..something like this….

…..”Lord, would you bless Brooklyn today? This shirt is hers and it’s so hard to believe that she’s 10 now. She’s such a lady, so sweet, caring and appreciative. Help her Lord to continue to mature and follow your will……Lord, would you look at these tiny socks. Justice is a handful, tiny feet and all. He’s 2 Lord and never stops moving. Always looking for the next adventure. Would you keep him safe as he tests himself, his abilities and his “man” hood…..Lord, would you bless my handsome husband the next time he wears this shirt while preaching your word. Give him a clear mind, direct his thoughts and give him the right words as he shares with the Portuguese people about your love and will for their lives…..”

You see….when I don’t have clothes to hang out…I miss this time of sweet fellowship with my Lord. He speaks to me, reassures me, calms me and directs me….all while hanging out the laundry.

I guess I could have the same sweet fellowship while cleaning the toilets….but somehow, that just doesn’t sound the same, does it?”

  • Pastor and Judy Brodie

    This is such a sweet post, Nina. I attended a bridal shower where the speaker had an ironing board and iron and exhorted us to pray for our husbands while we ironed his shirts. Your example of praying for our family while hanging clothes on the line is so similar. We can do the same kind of praying while folding our loved one’s clothes as well. Good job! Love, Judy


    what a wonderful post today ,maybe my favorite so far.
    its great that we find those times with the Lord . it was you 4 years ago that taught me i dont have to on my knees to pray,,i remember me & you talking 1 day about prayer & you said that when you are washing dishes you pray, at the time i didnt know if that was right–but as you talked i began to see what i was taught in the church i grew up in was wrong we dont have to be on our knees to pray–it is good to take that time–but we can pray at other times too-like hanging out clothes, going down the road or cooking..anyway i just wanted to say, maybe they will be a person to read this & get help like i did from you some years ago,

    did you even know you help me so much that day??

    you are such a blessing! love you girl,

  • Pilar Stark

    Wow, what a great way to use your time wisely. I don´t think I will ever be able to hang clothes and just waste my thoughts again.

    Thanks because this talked to me 🙂

  • Janna Qualman

    Very sweet thoughts and prayers. I hope you get back to those tomorrow morning. 🙂

  • Janice: AKA Nanny

    How sweet, Nina. God wants to be involved in the hum-drum every day events of our lives. After all, He is LORD of our whole lives or he is not Lord at all.

    Your family is blessed to have a Wife/Mom who prays over their laundry.

    I love you.

  • Jill

    I could see why you would miss this time! What a wonderful idea. And no, praying while cleaning toilets just wouldn’t be the same. LOL

  • Betty

    I hang my clothes on the line as well. I agree with you about the smell and the coolness.
    And what a great way to bless your kids, while hanging their clothes! Will remember this!

  • Starla

    OK you made me cry. That is so beautiful!!!

  • thedomesticfringe

    What a great way to use your laundry time!


  • Charree

    What a wonderful time to be able to pray for each person individually. It is no wonder you miss it.

    Have a blessed weekend!

  • Marytoo

    I am with you, Nina. I LOVE hanging out the laundry, the crispy smell of fresh air and sunshine on the clothes, and the quiet time to pray and meditate. It’s a nice little outing! 😉

  • TCKK

    What a great way to do the laundry. Talking with the Lord could make any job better (even cleaning the toilets I suppose).

  • Dani Joy

    Such a wonderful thought! Wow I need a clothes line now! 😉 I will sort my boys clothes and pray, pray for their style and hygine. JK.. I think this is such a blessed and inspired idea and I can´t wait to pray over my Laundry. I mean that, Nina! thank you for sharing this!

    Thank you too for coming back to see my disclaimer. I actually felt badly posting kiddingly about the boys style. It´s funny to me but I didn´t want anyone to take it badly. I remember Liberty coming down in flowered coulattes and a striped shirt.(or something like that) It was so cute and made me feel better about the boys in some strange way. jejeje

    I can´t wait to get together with you soon!

  • Nicholas Z. Cardot

    That’s a good reason to enjoy hanging out the laundry. Too bad about not getting the washers started. Better luck next time.

  • The Hat Chick

    Loved this post. I also like how you find ways to put the Lord in everything you do. I am inspired.

  • Tammy

    Beautiful post, Nina! I love hanging the clothes out on the line, too, and also pray for my family then. :o)

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