Circle Struggles

My mom told me once, if I remember correctly, that I failed Kindergarten.

This must be why……

I have issues with circles.

Please, overlook my crooked circle if you can, and help me.

I’m probably the only person in the world making a flower garden at the end of summer. I’ve never been one to follows rules very well. Who said flowers were supposed to be planted in the spring?!

All the bulbs I’ve bought say to plant in the spring just before the last frost. First of all, who knows when the last frost is going to be and why can’t they sell bulbs for “Late Bloomers” like me. Guess that’s why they were on sale…..

Back to my crooked garden….I need some flower recommendations. Something I could plant that could survive neglect, lack of water, hot, hot sun and an occasional Labrador or kid run through it. And if you know the Portuguese name for these flowers that would save me some time.

Oh..and I need to be able to plant them now…at the end of summer.
Not before the last frost…whenever that is.

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  • Jill

    You are a woman after my own heart! I have a black thumb. I also searched for plants that would survive my tender neglect and abuse. If you hear of any, let me know.

  • Mom

    Did I really tell you that you failed kindergarten? I dont remember. Bless your heart cuz you have a Mom who dosent remember much anymore. I think your flower garden looks fine so far. Pansies are the winter flower here. Your blubs wont come up until spring. Bulbs need a period of cold in order to grow. When all else fails “GOOGLE”
    Good luck.. Mom

  • Rob and Deanna

    Laughing…. Can’t help, because I’m too much like you in the gardening area. I tried a square-foot garden this year, but didn’t get started until mid June. 🙂 I need a flower like you need, just for shade. 🙂

  • Betty

    LOL! You crack me up. This is something I would do! 🙂
    I´ll be coming back to read other peoples suggestions, ´cause I want to know too.

  • thedomesticfringe

    Gotta say that I’m impressed with your new ‘flower’ garden. It looks great! Unfortunately I’m having a hard time keeping the hanging basket of flowers alive on my porch. Our church gave it to us with threats of what they’d do to me if I killed it…I’ve got a killer reputation. I’m sure you’ll get lots of suggestion for good flowers from people who know what they’re talking about. Can’t wait to see it next summer.

  • Ingi

    Good luck! I have absolutely no ability in that area. Hope you can find something that will work!

  • Nina in Portugal

    Yes, I really do think you told me I failed Kindergarten. But not because I couldn’t make good circles. It was because I missed too many days…something about us staying the weekends on Molly Dr. and never making it back to G’dale for Monday’s.

    Sound familiar now?

  • Dani Joy

    Nina, don´t feel badly, Joseph didn´t see anything wrong with your flower bed! i had to totally explain it. LOL

    I have no idea about flowers. I kill all plants in the house. Out doors, I just know veggies.

    Love your ambition! Great bricks and great idea. It will turn out. I love mini roses.. oh that´s one thing I have grown year round outside. I remember now.

  • Becka

    This is why I love you so much, You never make up someone you are not….

    i going to look at home depot just for you & let you know, but first going to ask mawmaw ,you know her Miss green

    I love you girl,,;o)

  • TCKK

    I’m no help, but I’d love to see pictures of the flowers when they grow. See I have confidence they’ll grow and you’ll have flowers. Go Nina!!

  • Marytoo

    Not sure about your climate or whatever there, but one of my favorite flowers is the moss rose. Its other name is portulaca. I don’t know it’s Portuguese name, but… portulaca sounds promising, don’t you think? 😉 Anyway, it thrives on neglect. I am pretty seriously brown-thumbed, but I can grow these! They like poor soil, shade, no shade, hot sun, water, no water, you name it. The only thing they have not survived is attack by the local deer.

  • Tori

    Oh too funny, yea I would have flunked you too!

    Hey what about Heather, it’s a hearty winter plant. btw, that’s one whopping bed, couldn’t you have made it any bigger! HA!

    Good luck!

  • Starla

    Well maybe I should have failed too. Because I didn’t see nothing wrong with your circles.

  • Amrita

    Nina, crooked circles are quite artistic and they make a strong statement.

  • Personalized Sketches and Sentiments

    haha… love your brick circle…my kindergarten report card said “Maria is quite immature and has to have her own way.” (I believe I have out grown that! by God’s grace :o)

    Blessings & Aloha!

    I found your blog from one blog that led me to another and saw your name in her comment that identified you as Nina in Portugal. (My hubby’s family are Portuguese. His great grandparents arrived on the Big Island of Hawaii, so he is 4th generation Hawaii-born.

    …hm…cuz I’m following now…I can think of it as being in Portugal too :o)

    My current post talks about the Galo de Barcelos :o)

  • Mom

    Oh, yeah… now I remember! Where is that report card?!
    Im sorry… 🙁

  • Mom

    Oh, yeah… now I remember! Where is that report card?!
    Im sorry… 🙁

  • Personalized Sketches and Sentiments

    Oh. sorry for coming back through a coment…I tried to email you, but your email didnt come up on your contact info, just outlook express and we aren’t able to go through outlook express for some reason…

    so just wanted to thank you for stopping by! and thank you for your info about the Portuguese roosters sold in the old market. (told my hubby about you)

    and haha…this is a small world…that you all were from Georgia :o)

    Come back any time :o)

    Blessings & Aloha!

  • The Hat Chick

    There’s a few that I’ve had luck with….and living in 100 degree full-sun Big State, that’s saying a lot.

    Try Mexican heather, hibiscus, or knockout roses. I also have a gardenia that I haven’t been able to kill yet, so that could be promising.

  • mtalley

    I am not sure that I can be a help to you – I have learned since being in Germany, and our climate is a bit cooler than yours. Try going to a plant store and just looking through the different flowers. They probably will have a card on them that will say what kind of weather they can take and how much care they will need.

    One thing to remember is that you are planting them under a tree. That means that the tree will drain them of all the water…meaning you will have to get something that doesn’t need much water or you will have to learn to water in the evenings.

  • Anonymous

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