I can’t

I can’t. His quick, interrupting answer took me a little off guard. I hadn’t finished my question and he had only begun to guess what it was that I would ask. I knew better than to ask what it was that he thought he couldn’t do. I also knew that he … There's More →

The Imperialist Church

Today I noticed in that Facebook within a Facebook that we all hated about a year ago that one of my virtual friends liked a mega-church’s local campus in her neighborhood. I’m glad that she likes it. Really. I am happy for her. Maybe it’s a church that she can … There's More →

Book Review: Growing Up

Ever since I read, Accidental Missionary by Steve Murrell, I’ve determined to make discipleship the clear focus of our ministry here in Portugal. For the last several months I’ve been saying over and over to our church that we need to make disciples who also want to make other disciples. … There's More →

The House of the devil

I apologize for the prolonged absence on the blog. We have been moving to a new house, and at the very same time, my computer decided to blow its logic board. I’m still awaiting its return, but was able to post from the iPad today. A few weeks ago as … There's More →

What do you say to a new convert?

Quick post today. I’m stripping away all of the extra garnish and fluff and I’m asking one basic question. You have a brand new convert and have only one piece of advice to give him…what do you say? What is the most important counsel you could give to someone who … There's More →

They watched him there

Death is a difficult thing to watch. It is tiring. It is draining. As you sit in a room with someone as he dies, death itself consumes the room and tries its best to suck the life out of all the living in the room. Death, when anticipated can be … There's More →

My name is Michael and I want your money

My name is Michael, and I want your money. I want you to believe that I’m homeless, hungry and looking for a handout. I couldn’t cut it pastoring in the only place that God is blessing, so I figured I’d go hide on the other side of the world, where … There's More →

My pastor called me last week

My pastor called me last week. When the phone rang, I had just finished fussing about how much I had to get done before leaving for church that evening. I had about an hour before I needed to walk out the door, but when I heard his voice, I didn’t … There's More →

4 Common Obstacles of Faith

I had a bunch of stuff written at the beginning of this post, but to be totally honest with you, it just didn’t fit. It was total fluff. So, if it sounds like I’m right in the middle of something, I kind of am. What you need to know is … There's More →

Book Review – Accidental Missionary

I apologize to those of you who don’t like reading “boring” book reviews, but I’ve just finished two books. Having shared with you my thoughts on Called to Stay (by Caleb Breakey), on Tuesday, I’d love to share with you my review of a book called, Accidental Missionary today. Tomorrow … There's More →

It’s time to engage!

Jesus didn’t save us to live in a bubble. He sent us to be witnesses in this world, and we become woefully poor witnesses when the only people we ever spend time with are people that look like us and talk like us and go to the same church that … There's More →

Pop the Bubble

Without giving out too much information, prayerfully, I’m planning on including this post in a larger project that I’m slowly working on. I don’t often ask for comments, but would love your thoughts, after reading it…if you have any.  One of the greatest blessings of living in the United States … There's More →

Reverse Culture Shock – On Foreign Soil

We, my American friend and I, arrived at the fancy Holiday Inn Continental in beautiful Lisbon, Portugal.  It was a 3 hr drive from my small, not so fancy village.  I was glad it wasn’t further.  Gas and tolls are crazy expensive. Glittering lights, fancy marble work and a very … There's More →

What does saying, “I do” really mean?

What does saying, “I do” really mean? In the context of marriage, what are you saying when you say, “I do.” or “I will.”? While there are a whole bunch of different wedding vows, when you say, “I do” traditionally you are saying that you promise to… have and to … There's More →

Prayer Requests – 1/23/13

At times we have churches or individuals ask us for a list of prayer requests, and since our bi-monthly prayer letters are more like updates than letters requesting prayer about specific needs, I thought I might use today’s post to give you a short list of our needs. If and … There's More →

Culture or Bible?

Have you ever asked yourself that question? Culture or Bible? Maybe not. Maybe you’ve lived your entire life in the same city or state and have been a part of one or at most a hand full of different churches. Maybe you consider the songs you sing, the way you … There's More →

Last Prayer Letter of 2012

That’s right. The last prayer letter of 2012 is scheduled to be mailed out today, which means that you can either read it here first, or go back to Facebook and wait on the hard copy to arrive. If for some reason you don’t receive our prayer letter and would … There's More →

Unreached people groups

I’ve struggled with writing this all day long. Just typing the very phrase “unreached people groups” convicts me. It carries a certain dark jungle, Jim Eliot connotation with it, when in fact that is not at all what it means. That kind of situation would more properly be defined as … There's More →

I made a friend…maybe

That’s right. I made a friend Monday while in the gym. Several years ago when I joined the “City Gym” I had several good intentions in mind. Getting rid of the flab and spare tire that was growing ever so quickly. Relieving stress and frustration. Impress my wife with herculean … There's More →

Book Review – The Blessed Church

Generally speaking, I don’t like mega churches. I don’t like the attitude of mega church pastors, and I don’t like the books that those pastors write which inevitably make me feel inferior because the church that I pastor doesn’t have 53 people saved every Sunday morning and didn’t grow from … There's More →

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