Caption Contest

Are you ready to have some fun?!

Here are the rules:

  1. Leave a comment with a caption for the following picture.
  2. Be creative!
  3. That’s it! Easy huh?!
  4. You have until Monday, April 20th to leave a caption.
  5. After that I will post the finalists and let you, my readers vote on a winner.

Update: After a little thought and a bunch of questions, I’ve decided that one caption per person is the limit. If you’ve already submitted more than one, I’ll choose my favorite when deciding the finalists.

Here is the picture!

This is my mom. The picture alone cracks me up! I can’t wait to see your captions!

And the winner will receive

one of our new ministry t-shirts!

(A big thank you to our models Bro. Jimmy and Kacey!)

How cool are these?! Be one of the first to have one. If you’d rather just buy one instead, leave a comment or email me. They’re $14.95 and that includes shipping.

Okay, so leave your caption.
Have Fun!

  • Mom


  • Anonymous

    Hey my name is Jan and I work with your Mom, I was at this Christmas party with your Mom. I think a good caption is….

  • Jill

    Here’s my caption: “I just saw Nina having a ‘Mama Fit’!”

  • thedomesticfringe

    Hey, those shirts are great! I’ve gotta show them to FringeMan.

    I’m going to have to think on this caption…I’m no good with captions. My brain hurts just from the thought of thinking. Hmmmmm…..


  • Dani Joy

    Are we only allowed one caption. I have a couple. Could that double or triple our chance to win? or would that get to complicated?

  • Dani Joy

    Sorry Mom! I´m not calling you a hick. I was the hick for watching the hick show. 😉

  • Dani Joy

    My Second one…

    “Wha? You say I look Chinese?!”

    My boys get that a lot.

  • Dani Joy

    My third one…

    “OOOOOO EEEEEE was that Meeeee?”

    Ok so I normally don´t like those kind of jokes but the pose and the face… well you know…

    I am sure you don´t make that face often, Mom. You´re a great sport!

  • Dani Joy

    My fourth … am I going over board?..jeje.. JK… I will put the fourth one if you let me keep going. normally my creative juices only get running at 1am.. so you´re all in for it now!

    Oh and at 1am I start having one way conversations, too.

    Yes, I do.


    Oh never mind!!

  • Betty

    haha, I love that your mom commented first! 🙂

    Sorry, I´m not good at caption, but I think Jan should win! 🙂

  • Steph at The Red Clay Diaries

    Ohhhhh, you kids are sooooo funny!

    Now untie my shoelaces. Momma has to visit the Little Girls’ Room!

  • Beeeeeeee

    “See how ticklish I am? I can even tickle myself!”


    “I’m smiling because my hair is fireproof!”

  • Anonymous

    My name is Pam, I work with your Mom. I cracked up laughing as soon as I looked at the picture. The caption I thought of is something my Granny would have said…

    “It tickles me to death when I let one.”

  • Mom

    Now that you have had so much fun at my expence and once again I’ll say… I HATE THAT PICTURE!
    Post a good picture.(if there are any):)
    I love you

  • Matt & Mia

    This is Mia from Texas (future missionary to Lisbon Portugal).

    “Stop making me laugh!!! I’m trying out for my poly-grip commercial….where’s my apple? Somebody get me an apple!!”

    Your mom has a beautiful smile…hence the denture cream commercial tag line!! Oh and I want to know if you have kid sizes for the shirts. My fam of 5 will all need 1!!

  • Tori

    Oh this is too funny.
    Hmmm…my first response was…

    “I promise, that wasn’t me!!”

    and then after I saw all the comments I realize that’s way old now.

    Maybe I’ll be back with another one as soon as one comes to me!

  • Tammy

    “Thou hast put gladness in my heart!” Ps 4:7

    She looks so happy! :o)

  • Mrs. Tracy

    Okay….this is funny.
    Are we allowed more than one attempt?

    Here’s one:

    Did I get the broccoli out of my teeth?

  • Starla

    My caption is. “This candle just told me the funniest joke ever!”

  • Pilar Stark

    Well,I was going for a gas related joke but I have read too many so I won’t do another one. I can’t think on anything else… 🙂 Oh me…

    The “I am smiling because my hair is fireproof” from Dee is too funny.

    … I will see if I can come up with something before the end of the giveaway

  • Pilar Stark

    I got one, I got one…. but you may think is too much…. well, you decide if you want to post it or not and I will totaly understand if you don’t so don’t worry about offending me.

    What about… “Why didn’t you tell me that those german chocolats were licor filled chocolats”… did I go too far???

    I have a funny christmas story about those kind of chocolats and my 3 year old niece…. it was an accident, she just happend to find them…. it was too funny.. ’till we found out why she was acting so silly…. ups….

  • Dani Joy


    I will submit this comment.

    “What´s that you say? I look Chinese?”

  • Amrita

    “My dentist gave me a good report”.


    Sorry Mom.

  • GutsyWriter

    “Just had my teeth whitened,
    like ’em?”
    First time visitor and I have to enter a caption. Your mom looks like a FUN lady.

  • Pam

    I wish I were good at captions cuz I’d love one of those cool shirts!
    I’m sitting in the surgery waiting room. Mom has been taken back for back surgery, very extensive. 4 surgeries in one. I’d appreciate your prayers.

  • Mrs. Tracy

    Ok…thought I’d try another one:

    :o}~Ha ha ha…for a minute there I thought you said you were pregnant again.

    I feel so bad for your mom…cause this is so funny. She will probly strangle you before it’s over.

    I think I may play the same game some time.

  • Mom

    Ok… I like what Mrs. Tracy says!
    Thats the bomb ..winner!
    Everyone else has to buy their shirts.
    Love Mom

  • Anonymous

    Hi Nina,
    I just missed out on the “I thought you said you were pregnant again” caption so here goes one from me.

    Whaaaat? You’re moving home and you say you are all living with me?

    You’re such a good sport, Wanda. A lot of the captions are really hilarious. Maybe Nina doesn’t have a good photo of me, ha ha. Oh, I should’nt temtp her.

    Love you both,


  • Lisa

    what do you mean you are going to use this picture on your blog? that is too funny!!!

  • The Herd

    Ok, I didn’t want to read through all the comments…so who knows…mine might be a repeat…

    I wonder how close can I get to the fire without losing my hair???

  • The Herd

    Ok, I just read them all…what’s up with the gas comments…funny!!! You all must be part of my in law family!! oh no, that’s my family–not the in laws.

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