Brooklyn Passed!

She is now in the third grade! Right after the test, she went to her class and they had reading time where each student read a paragraph from a story. Brooklyn said that she felt like she did good and understood what she read. A fellow classmate, and our neighborhood friend who is in Brooklyn’s class met me when I went to get the girls for lunch. She said to me in Portuguese, “Brooklyn reads very well!” as if she were surprised. —-Maybe we should have shot for the 4th grade?!

Thank you for praying.

  • Anonymous

    PRAISE THE LORD! Didn’t Nanny tell you how smart her “Bookie” is? I am so proud of her. Do they make accommodation for advancement if the child moves above the grade assignment? Also, I read Michael’s article in the LaGrange paper. It was great. I will follow to see the next one. When is it set to be printed? Love you all.


  • The Webbs

    Congratulations! I know you were happy she passed to the third grade! Keep us updated (I know you will)!

  • Lora’s Life

    Way to Go Brooklyn! I have to say I was not surprised and wasn’t worried, but I am still excited!!!
    She will do great and then she will be teaching the other 4 Portugese.
    Mrs. Lora

  • Jungle Mom

    Yea! Brooklyn. Is it not amazing the way kids pickup languages?????

  • Anonymous

    Nanny and Mimi know how smart our Bookie is! I knew she would do fine after she got over the fact that she was “PLAIN SCARED”.
    Way to go Bookie! Mimi loves you.

  • Tori

    Yea Brooklyn!!

  • Starla

    That is great. Praise the Lord!!!

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