Book Review – Christ Our Mediator

Christ our Mediator, by CJ Mahaney does one thing well. It pleads with the reader to consider the supreme importance of understanding of Christ’s substitutionary death on the cross. Mahaney posits, “…by better understanding His suffering, we’ll grow in a consistent joy and zeal that will equip us for whatever trials God brings our way in the process of sanctification.”

A quick read of only 63 pages, simply written and concise, Christ our Mediator reads more like a sermon that an actual book. Interspersed throughout are personal anecdotes and timely quotes from well-respected and very godly pastors that I found helpful at times, but trite at others. While I hesitate to say that Mahaney uses clichéd expressions, I do so out of respect. They may not be clichéd, but at times it certainly feels as much.

Mahaney remains factually correct and theologically sound over the course of the book, but without judging his motives, I can justly say that this isn’t one of those books written out of necessity, but rather out of desire. Many books that I have read flow from the heart of the author because his very soul leaked from the pressure of the subject. The wrote the book or they burst. This work is not one of those. It strives to create passion for the cross and instill peace by pointing to the Lord Jesus’ Gethsemane experience, but for me slightly missed the intended target by hitting my head and not my heart.

There exists no greater subject matter. We have a great Mediator, whose love and compassion are unparalleled and I would recommend Mahaney’s book as long as the reader’s hopes don’t get too high.

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In closing, I’d like to say thank you to WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for offering this book to in exchange for reviewing it here.

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