Bom Apetite!

A tasty nutritious bug snack…

Canned escargot anyone?

Forget the croutons, add a little crunch to your salad with these babies…

My stomach is feeling a little funny now….

Cheeseburger in a can….I’m sure they think they’re genius.

Come on over to my place for dinner tonight….just don’t ask any questions.

No, seriously these are not items found in Portugal. At least I don’t think so….I hope not!

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  • Stonefox (otherwise known as Heidi)

    yum! When we go eat at other’s, we don’t ask what we are eating…it helps it get down 🙂

    I love your header! Beautiful!

  • The Webbs

    That has got to be the nastiest food items I’ve seen! Gross…thank goodness you have more options than that!!

  • Dani Joy

    OOO eeee!!! I am glad I am not eating much these days! jeje

    So where did you find such yummy morsels?

    I love how your blog is looking! It´s fun to come and see it! makes me happy! 🙂 😉

  • Tori

    Okay now that was a yuckie post!!!

  • Pilar Stark

    oh my word, you scare me there for a moment!!

  • Aurora

    I have never seen these items here but then I have never looked for them either. YUK!!

  • The Hat Chick

    Whew! I was getting scared….I didn’t want to know what happened when somebody served this to you.

  • Betty

    Glad these are not on your menu. Really gross!

  • Amber

    Oh dear – you totally took me in until the last lines! Yuck. I know a family that were missionaries in Uganda, and I’ve seen a home video where they ate chocolate-covered ants. I thought THAT was bad!

  • Dani Joy

    oh yeah, Nina, I feel great!! I am sooo thankful the the Lord for the good health and the great feeling exersize has been giving me. I have so much more energy.

  • thedomesticfringe

    I’d lose weight real quick if that’s what was for dinner. Maybe I should eat with you!


  • Sharon

    EEEEWWWWW!!! I guess some people must like them!

  • Queen Beeeeeeee

    I’m a little queasy now. You should have warned us!

  • june

    For real where did you find that stuff ?
    I would stay skinny I believe if that’s all I had to eat.
    Thank you Jesus for giving the Andrzejewski’s fruit trees. We love you

  • TCKK

    Grossssss! lol

  • Tammy

    Pork brains in milk gravy??


  • Jen

    Aren’t those just lovely! Good idea never to ask. One of our friends adopted a saying, “Where He leads me, I will follow, what He feeds me, I will swallow!”

  • Amrita

    Aaawww all that is so disgusting.

    I heard abou the silk worms being used for food In India too.

    Like your new background and header photo.

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