Bless Her Heart

Can you imagine what the other cats in the neighborhood are saying about her?

This is what happens when you have your cat spayed. She looks like she’s been put in a feline straitjacket.

She probably feels like that too.

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  • Tracy

    Around our house it isn’t uncommon to see the cats dressed. ;o}~Kayla loves to dress her cat in baby clothes…

    I don’t think the vets do that here in the states. Well, they don’t where we live. That’s too funny. Poor kitty.

  • Dani Joy

    oh poor baby. she looks pathetic.
    well, I am off to bed for sure now with this in my mind. LOL

    Emmi is next!

  • Betty

    Yeah she looks pretty mad! 🙂
    Get well soon kitty!

  • TCKK

    That looks really, really weird! lol I’ve never seen anything quite like that.

    I asked my daughter and she said you can use the picture for your profile if you’re really serious.

  • The Herd

    looks better than when you get a dog fixed!!!

  • Amrita

    that ‘s catwalk material

  • Mom

    Bless her heart is right! But also she looks funny. Its so different from the way they come home from the vet in America! They come running and slipping and sliding around the corner to see their human when picked up at the vet after surgery. Or that has been my experience when having pets fixed. I had to hog tie Maggie to keep her from jumping up and down from the sofa.
    Just keep her out of the wet grass and she will be fine… and NO MORE KITTENS!!!
    Love you Mom

  • thedomesticfringe

    That’s some outfit! Hope she’s well soon and doesn’t suffer too many catty comments.


  • Becka

    That poor thing !!

    So what all kinds of animals yall have now ???

  • Personalized Sketches and Sentiments

    Oh goodness! I’ve never seen such a fancy “just-spaded” outfit before !

    I wonder if she was liking it or was she not too happy having to get dressed up?

    Blessings & Aloha!

    (also, just passing along a Blog Hug (blog award) to you from me. Come by and pick it up…but if you don’t do awards, no problem… :o)

  • Starla

    Dogs are cuter in outfits.

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