Beautiful Portugal – My Village

See the bumblebee?

These are some of the sights you’d see if you could walk through my village with me…..

Portuguese cemetery

Old house with grape vine growing at the door.

Blue house anyone?

Pink Mary Kay car…in Portugal?!

  • Betty

    Your photos are really good girl! I love your compositions and the colors of your photos.

  • Jennifer

    You’ve been out playing with your new camera… BEAUTIFUL pics.

  • thedomesticfringe


  • Nina in Portugal

    Thanks ladies, for your encouraging comments.

    Jennifer….yes I have…*snicker*…!

  • Becka

    Beautiful!! I see somebody is having fun with a new camera!
    dont you just love them 🙂

  • alicia

    Wow, I think I am falling in love with Portugal!! Such beautiful images!

  • Kelly Johnson

    I just loved looking at all the pictures of your village! How beautiful!

  • Dani Joy

    What a great idea!! I am gonna steal it when I get back! It’s a great way to accumulate pictures for future furlough presentations too. Not to mention you have an incredible eye! you captured everything so real and so Portugal. All except the Mary Kay car… what’s up with that?? wow!
    big hugs
    Dani Joy

  • Portugal Property

    Thanks for the photos! I am glad that you have shared them with us! I liked it!

  • Personalized Sketches and Sentiments

    Beautiful photos of Portugal…I lvoe the structures around your village…How sweet is the puppy guarding his stash of toys!…and your pretty & precious girl & pup :o)

    Blessings & Aloha!

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