Baptismal Service in Portugal

(Note: This post was originally drafted on Saturday, but is only running today for various reasons.)

I confess that today more than most, I feel a certain satisfaction. We had the distinct pleasure of baptizing three believers today. I’ve written about them from time to time in my updates, but just so you can share in our happiness, get to know them a little more below.

Marco and Lúcia

Marco and Lúcia are a married couple that have attended our church for several years. He came to our church with a testimony of having recently trusted Christ after the Lord touched his heart through a gospel song. Today he shared with everyone that once he trusted the Lord, his life completely changed and all of his anguish disappeared. Lúcia on the other hand struggled with her faith for a while, but as she testified today, when her daughter Carolina was struck with meningitis earlier this year, she fully trusted the Lord Jesus and now has no doubts about His great love and power.


The final dear sister that we baptized, Lucimar, came to our church as a direct result of seeing the peace and love that several families of the church had. She worked in a pizzeria across the street from the church and attended a Thursday night service because she wanted to know what they had that she didn’t have. She left service, went home and prayed to receive Christ. Her two daughters, her sister, her mom, and a niece and nephew came to see her get baptized today.

Part of my satisfaction comes from being able to quantify the partial fulfillment of the Great Commission. Matthew 28:19 says, “Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.” I can say that today, I took part in fulfilling the Great Commission.

And, not only that, but the conditions weren’t exactly the best. Since we don’t have a baptistry in the church, and we don’t have a sister church close by whose baptistry we could borrow, we had to baptize outside. It wouldn’t be so bad in the summer, but we had it in our backyard and baptized in the above ground pool outside. Praise the Lord it wasn’t raining, but the water was absolutely ice cold. Nina spent about an hour boiling water in pots on the stove before the service, just to try to heat up the water a little, but it didn’t work at all.

We tried to arrange for a temporary solution to heat the water during the week, but we were unable to come up with anything.

None of this deterred those getting baptized. They climbed right in and didn’t complain one bit. They were full of joy knowing that they were following the Lord in water baptism and it didn’t really matter what temperature the water was or where the baptism was taking place.

Rejoice with me as you look at a few more photos of the day.

  • FringeGirl

    Praise the Lord! Congrats to those who were baptized.

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