Comme Si, Como What? English please.

Basically every night our supper table turns into a hodgepodge of languages. Up until recently it just ping-ponged from English to Portuguese, and whenever it got too far over to the latin side, I would come in sounding very authoritative. English please. We’re speaking English right now. When one starts … There's More →

He’s a writer….

I have to be quiet, and when I’m not, he puts in his ear buds. His back is to me, as he pounds the keyboard. I fear he may wear out the backspace button soon. I don’t know how he stands the music that loud. I can almost make out … There's More →

Best of…July

It’s been a few months since we’ve done a collection of “best of” links here on the blog. So, go with us on a trip down memory lane. For those of you who don’t know, Nina started her blog, Portugal Bound, waaayyy back in 2007. It has gone through stops … There's More →

Turning back the clock

The sun peeks through the crack of the valley. Beams jog across the ripples of the waking Hudson. Left…left…left…right. Right, left batters against the senses and demands a pace. Steady, constant and together. Sweat and tears swim side by side, stroke for stroke. One cooling the body. The other calming … There's More →

My name is Michael and I want your money

My name is Michael, and I want your money. I want you to believe that I’m homeless, hungry and looking for a handout. I couldn’t cut it pastoring in the only place that God is blessing, so I figured I’d go hide on the other side of the world, where … There's More →

Perelhal, Portugal – Where we live

This post is for FringeGirl, who recently wrote about where she lives. I’m not trying to copy her or out-do her. She encouraged me to write this. Her father is Portuguese, and I would love to meet him one day.   Widows walk the cobblestone roads in all black where … There's More →

I’m no electrician

I’m no electrician. Just ask my kids. A couple of years ago I installed an extra plug in our kitchen so that Nina could plug up Zeus (her Kitchen-Aid stand mixer). A few days later, a shriek echoed from the kitchen all the way to the attic. Zeus had shocked … There's More →

The gym is a lot like the church

I went to the gym today and while I didn’t see this guy…. I did see plenty of people with almost equally terrible form. People who were just checking the box of going to the gym. Or, maybe people who have never been taught how to properly perform certain exercises. … There's More →

Taking a Copy

“What took you so long in there?” I asked Brooklyn after I came to a complete stop so she could get in the van. I was in the middle of the 2nd point of a 3 point turn when she began to tap on the window for me to open … There's More →

Reverse Culture Shock – On Foreign Soil

We, my American friend and I, arrived at the fancy Holiday Inn Continental in beautiful Lisbon, Portugal.  It was a 3 hr drive from my small, not so fancy village.  I was glad it wasn’t further.  Gas and tolls are crazy expensive. Glittering lights, fancy marble work and a very … There's More →

Don’t go with the bad guys

Our six year old son, Justice is at school right now. He’s smack dab in the middle of 24 other first graders. But, he’s not like those 24 other kids. He’s different, in a lot of ways. Not better. Different. He’s American. Blond hair, and fair skinned. He’s not Catholic. … There's More →

Prayer Requests – 1/23/13

At times we have churches or individuals ask us for a list of prayer requests, and since our bi-monthly prayer letters are more like updates than letters requesting prayer about specific needs, I thought I might use today’s post to give you a short list of our needs. If and … There's More →

Last Prayer Letter of 2012

That’s right. The last prayer letter of 2012 is scheduled to be mailed out today, which means that you can either read it here first, or go back to Facebook and wait on the hard copy to arrive. If for some reason you don’t receive our prayer letter and would … There's More →

Holiday Food Trivia

Ok. Here goes. It’s late on Christmas Eve here in Portugal and we’re going to play a little holiday food trivia. I’m in the mood to give something away and to share with you just a little bit about the zany place in which we live. Below you’ll see a … There's More →

The thing that Portugal needs most

According to my 13 year old daughter, the thing that Portugal needs most is…Froot Loops! We have Choco-Pic, Choco-choc and a whole bunch of other chocolate based cereals but no fruity cereals at all. The closest thing we have is a knock-off Corn Pops which is pretty gross. Yesterday in … There's More →

The Best of….December

Nina started her blog, Portugal Bound, waaayyy back in 2007. It has gone through stops and starts and several iterations. With the increasing popularity and ease of Facebook along with the challenge of 5 kids in school, the ministry…etc, blogging has stopped being as much of a priority as it … There's More →

Unreached people groups

I’ve struggled with writing this all day long. Just typing the very phrase “unreached people groups” convicts me. It carries a certain dark jungle, Jim Eliot connotation with it, when in fact that is not at all what it means. That kind of situation would more properly be defined as … There's More →

I made a friend…maybe

That’s right. I made a friend Monday while in the gym. Several years ago when I joined the “City Gym” I had several good intentions in mind. Getting rid of the flab and spare tire that was growing ever so quickly. Relieving stress and frustration. Impress my wife with herculean … There's More →

The American

I am the American. As a family living in a small village in northern Portugal, we are the Americans. No matter what we do, some people will see us through that lens, rather than for who we really are. Clothes, speech, eating habits, hobbies, religion, leadership styles. I could go … There's More →


You guys were so sweet to me last week when I had my little meltdown. Thank you for all of your words of encouragement.

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