According to your faith

According to your faith be it unto you.

That’s what the two blind men heard from Jesus after having affirmed that they believed he could have mercy on them and give them their sight. They obviously believed because the Bible tells us that their eyes were opened.

Now, what if their faith had been weak. What if it had been less than that of the size of a mustard seed? They would have remained blind and hopeless.

What about you? Have you ever asked the Lord for something humanly impossible? Have you ever cried out for mercy only to seemingly be turned away emptied handed? Did you wrongly blame God?

Maybe your prayer was answered according to your faith. Maybe the prayer was more of a Hail Mary than a Thy Will Be Done.

When we look at our faith and the response that Jesus gave to the two blind men in Matthew 9, it would do us good to consider the object of our faith. Jesus asked his two new friends if they believed he was able to give them sight. So, look at your prayer life today and determine if you are trusting in the church itself, in the government, in the medical community…in anyone other than the Lord Jesus. If so, your prayers might be getting answered according to your faith.

Looking again at our faith and the response that Jesus gave to the two blind me in Matthew 9, it would also do us good to look at the sincerity of our faith. Is it pure? Or is it mixed with doubt?

Years ago one of my sisters’ family was faced with a very trying decision at the birth of their first son. They prayed and wept and cried and sought counsel, and I still remember something that my brother-in-law said to me in the midst of this trial. He confessed that he didn’t have any problem believing that God was able to perform the miracle that his family needed. Instead his crisis of faith came on whether or not God would perform the miracle for him. Generally my brother-in-law trusted in God’s almighty power. Specifically, he doubted whether God (for lack of a better word) wanted to perform the miracle on his behalf.

At one point or another, I think that we all run into this same sort of crossroads in our lives.

Yeah, I believe God can do it. Will he do it for me? I don’t know.

That’s what’s so amazing about the faith of these two men that were blind. They placed their faith in Jesus and in Him alone. Then they went one step further from the theoretical to the practical. They had faith that Jesus would give sight….to them.

What about you? Needing a miracle, do you have faith that Jesus can and that he will…for you.

If so, I hope you hear with the ears of your faith, “According to your faith, be it unto you.”

  • Janice Gilman

    Thank you – I needed that reminder this morning.
    Miss Janice – The Baby Lady

  • Mom

    I must confess this continues to be a struggle in my life. There are so many “spins” on this very topic. It divides Christians and denominations. I know I tend to mix my faith in modern medicine and Jesus. I want to let go of doubt and fling my circumstances solely on God’s power. I pray that He will supply the faith I lack.

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