Trinity hated having her picture taken and she let everyone know it.

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  • Dani Joy

    OOOO this picture says it all. I know how it is. 🙂 It´s hard enough to get all five of us together for a picture. Your´s turned out so nice. Hope she won´t be mared for life. 🙂

  • thedomesticfringe

    This has to be the funniest picture! Your little girl is screaming, you look like you’re praying for patience and/or the loss of your daughter’s voice, and your hubby is just smiling away. It’s great!

  • Jungle Mom

    OK! This is my favorite by far! Looks like an attempt at a prayer card photo we have all gone through! Love it! I want to meet that little girl!!!

  • Mom

    Looks like one of those Mama fits.. but Trinity’s version

  • Sandy Sellers

    This is so funny. I just laugh and laugh when I look at it. I remember that cry of Trin. And your look, I’m sure I have had the same many times over.

  • Tabatha

    Yes, I have had that same look (yours) enough times to recognize it! I guess it’s just never been caught on camera! LOL!

  • Tammy

    I LOVE your face in this pic, Nina! I totally relate :op

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