#1 Thing I Don’t Miss

On our way back to the house after a few hours on the beach, Michael and I were talking about how cool it is to slip away on a Monday morning to lay in the sun on a deserted beach.  It takes us about 8 minutes to get there.  It’s before the tourists cover it up and although the wind is frigid, we are blessed to have ‘wind walls’ as we call them.

Thus went the conversation….the things about Portugal we would miss if we had to leave. (#1 was the beach being so close….I’ll tell you another day the rest of our list.)

My thoughts continued on our drive back to the house about the things I DON’T miss about living in the States, specifically the South in springtime.

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Normally, in my thoughts I only lament the things I miss….coffee creamer, my Suburban, Krispy Kreme, family….you get the picture.  But on this morning I allowed myself to consider that not ALL THINGS are perfect about the South.

Loneliness in a missionary’s life often lends us to miss and only remember the good things.  We begin to visualize how incredible our life was before the stress, frustration, loneliness and isolation of the mission field.  We tend to forget the bad.

The absolute truth in the matter is this…..even though I miss my family terribly and desire greatly that I lived closer to them, I probably wouldn’t see them as much as I have pictures in my mind.  Life gets in the way.  It has a way of doing that.

Ok, ok, I'll just have to cuddle up to myself. . .

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On my list of the top 5 things I don’t miss about the South number one was:  SNAKES

I’ve enjoyed our little yard here in the country for the last 5 years…..never once seeing a snake.

I was traumatized as a child.  I was about 9 or 10 and there came “Snake Summer” I like to call it.  My Mom and step dad say they don’t remember the summer our family and our neighbors single-handedly slayed about 20 snakes, but I promise you it is etched in my mind and won’t leave.  The day I walked out the backdoor and one huge one was curled around the air unit.  The day I walked across the yard to visit my neighbor friend and one was stretched out about 7 feet long right in front of me.  My friend’s mom hacked it to pieces with a hoe.  I watched the whole thing.  I could play it back like a movie.  Snakes were invading my home like a cheesy 80’s horror movie and I was helpless.   – thus began my hatred of snakes.

"Beauty comes in all sizes and shapes :)"

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Fast forward about 20 years….LaGrange, GA.  I’m an adult now, with barefooted babies playing in the yard.  Snake eggs in the dirt, curled around bushes, laying in my parking place when we return from the library, I run over it and it refused to die.  stretched out in the grass in my backyard, that we notice  from the bedroom window!  Michael  shoots it 100 times…we leave it there to ask a more mature member of our church the next day what kind it is….but is disappears in the night.  I threw so many moth balls in the yard it looked like a springtime hail storm. – I hate snakes.

Not everything is perfect about my beloved South.

Yes, I miss your Krispy Kreme….and your Dreamland ribs…..and of course my family.

But you can keep your snakes.





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  • http://www.thedomesticfringe.com The Domestic Fringe

    I don’t like snakes either! But they are not usual for us around here. And, they aren’t poisonous…generally. I don’t even know what a snake egg looks like. I count that a blessing.

    Glad you had a nice morning on the beach!
    The Domestic Fringe recently posted..Chicken Tacos & A 5kMy Profile

    • http://cbcpm.net Nina

      These snake eggs were sort of rubbery…and much larger than you’d think they’d be. They were buried down in the dirt and found in a big pile of dirt where my kids used to play ‘king of the mountain’! I was terrified to let them outside to play…..afraid they’d step on one. We lived in the parsonage beside the church and there was a pond also on the property. (beautiful place!) I was always afraid they were poisonous water snakes….I had many nightmares!

      Praise the Lord for HIS provisions…providing us a place to serve withOUT snakes! 😉

      Happy weekend my friend!
      Nina recently posted..#1 Thing I Don’t MissMy Profile

  • diny kars-tuik

    I think I can feel with you Nina, I miss “bitterballen”, “hagelslag” but family we miss the most. But I am blessed because there is Ryan Air 🙂 Holland is not that far:-)

    • http://cbcpm.net Nina

      Oh, Ms. Diny…I only wish we had a RyanAir that carried us across the Atlantic! We don’t, therefore our visits are few and far in between…..but it makes me even more grateful for the times when we DO get to visit. Hoping to next summer!

      Happy Summer to you!
      Nina recently posted..#1 Thing I Don’t MissMy Profile

  • Mimi

    Terry said he remembers about 4 snakes. He said it was real dry that summer and they were looking for water. I remember the one by the AC unit.

    • http://cbcpm.net Nina

      4 might have been the number of snakes Terry came in contact with, but Maria and Tommy battled them too…I was always at Kathy’s house so I feel like snakes were so common they were hanging from the ceiling of our houses! YUCK!!!

      I also remember something about a snake skin being underneath carpet when we pulled up old carpet to replace it…that wasn’t snake summer, i was younger then…but I remember it too!

      Nina recently posted..#1 Thing I Don’t MissMy Profile

  • William Harper

    No snakes here in Lithuania either! Bev and I both praise the Lord for that. If you want to hear a funny story, ask her about the snake I shot from the Suburban. 🙂


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